Shaving Soap Refill Neroli & Mandarin

Shaving Soap Refill - NEROLI & MANDARIN

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Refill pack for our luxury shaving soap. Rich Energizing Lather for a True Wet Shaving Experience, Deeply Moisturizing and Nourishing.

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Create a delightfully rich, thick and creamy lather in seconds with fantastic glide and ULTIMATE protection against burn & rash. With 18 synergistic ingredients, you will be left oozing with confidence with the closest shave of your life.

Highest quality naturally derived vegan ingredients, free of toxins, parabens, sulphates, and dyes.

Our 50gm shaving soap refill allow for superior lather creation and lasts (as reported by customers) an average of 4-6 months, giving you more value than competitor brands. Simply place the refill in a shaving soap jar or the ceramic shaving mug and shave away. The wide jar allows your shaving brush to rotate and create rich & thick lather for your beard with ease.

M/s Earth & Ayurveda,
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Sector -57, Kundli
Distt. Sonepat (Haryana) - 131 028

License No. 991-ISM (HR)

Customer Reviews

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Achieve a great Shave with this Shaving Soap

The soap boasts a mild scent, perfect for those who prefer a subtle fragrance. Lathering up is a breeze, and the rich, creamy lather persists throughout your entire shave, ensuring a smooth glide for your razor. Most importantly, this soap delivers a close shave without causing any irritation, leaving your skin feeling smooth and comfortable.

Ramesh Dhanuka

Except shaving soap both other items were produced in 2021 and supplied in 2024 with validity upto June 24 so why I am victim of this deal.

Himanshu Sheth
Lovely little soap. Exotic lilting fragrance

I am predominantly a cream in a bowl guy. I generally soak a boar professional brush in hot water for 5 minutes, jerk it firmly 3 times and dip the tip in the bowl of cream to uniformly coat the bristle tips and then lather directly on the face.

I purchased the Neroli and Mandarin refill puck and melted it into a suitable transparent glass jar. I placed pieces of soap in the jar and lowered the jar into a simmering pan of water such that only ½ the jar was immersed. Within 5 minutes the soap liquified and flowed to take the form of the jar. I lifted the jar out and let it rest for 5 minutes on the counter before transferring it into the refrigerator.

For loading my brush from soap I use the dry brush method. I placed 10 drops of water on the soap surface to make it bloom. I wet my beard thoroughly with hot water.I dip only the 1 inch tip of the brush in hot water. Jerk the brush thrice. Now I proceed to load the softened soap onto my brush.

Since I have avoided excess water on my brush, I do not lather up on the soap as seen on the images but just get some creamy soap onto my brush.

I then proceed to lather up straight on my face. Dip the brush tip in hot water and develop a nice shiny lather on the face.

I hate lather overflowing fron the shaving bowl and splashing all over the sink and the floor, and my wife strongly despises it too.

The transparent glass jar is to satisfy another belief that I have.

Most opaque soap jars develop a black mould at the bottom over a period of time. This is due to to the dampness and no exposure to UV rays of sunlight.

PinkWoolf Shaving Products



Place the refill in a shaving mug. For best results, drop a few drops of warm water on top of the soap for a few minutes before you start lathering. Enjoy your shave


PinkWoolf creates deeply researched, barber grade, nature curated, highly delightful shaving & skincare products.

PinkWoolf Skincare
PinkWoolf Shaving & Skincare



This is one of the best product I have ever come across . My skin is super sensitive and I normally dont explore new things but this risk is worth taking.

Mihika Verma
Jaipur, IN

The soap that I received from Pink woolf just takes shaving to a new level. The scent is mild, not overwhelming yet exotic. Shaving is very easy with this lather.

Himanshu Bansal
Mumbai, IN

Received the balm yesterday, tried it today morning. It is awesome – no stings, no pain! Net net, I’m a convert to Pink Woolf products for life.

Kapil Apshankar
Bangalore, IN

Loved this product, the whole feel of making lather out of the container is nostalgic. So proud that this product is Made In India, amazing quality!

Delhi, IN

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