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12 Successful Style Tips for Men, only One is Connected to Fashion

How are Style, Grooming, Shaving, and Skincare Connected?

At PinkWoolf.com, we focus on style tips for men, along with quality skincare & grooming. We also sell the idea behind the thought and focus on what is Style for Men. Our tagline – Bring Back the Gentleman is not geared towards the outward appearance of men, rather it focuses on the innate details that make them a better person.

Come with me to find out what they are, the 12th style tip for men will shock you:

Style Tip for Men #1. Open the door

It’s just basic civility that you open the door for children, ladies, older people, or someone with a lot of shopping bags and struggling to press the elevator button. Your gesture helps start a conversation and makes your day.

Style Tip #2. Keep your clothes simple, no frills

Simplicity is the norm of a stylish person. Don’t need to mix a pinstripe trouser with a Bengal tiger striped shirt. Keep one thing solid, choose color combinations based on the occasion, when all else fails remember to always dress one – up than what is required.

Style tips for men - Keep it simple

Style Tip #3. Be the first to smile

Be the bigger man and smile and wish everyone a good morning (or the time of the day). You will get a smile 100% time and make your day.

Style Tip #4. Stand up

Don’t wait for a lady or a kid or an elderly person to stand right next to you on the metro and wait for the cue. Smile, stand up, and offer them your seat.

Style Tip #5. Invest in quality

You only cry once when you invest in quality clothes but you cry everytime when you buy poor quality clothes or shoes. Same thing applies to cosmetic products. Invest in items that will last you five years or more like a quality shaving brush or a Double Edge Safety Razor.

Style Tip #6. Color of Clothes

12 Successful Style Tips for Men

For suits or trousers, men need blue, black, grey. That’s it. You don’t need any other color. You can have light blue, dark blue, dark grey, Prince Charles checks, pinstriped, solid, checks etc. but stay close to these colors. For shirts, go with only natural material, nylon is passé. In cotton get anything like oxford, poplin, herringbone, twill, etc. Get the cotton count to be higher than 100. These will keep you cool and the cloth remains fresh and ironed for a longer time. This leads to the seventh point.


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Style Tip #7. Get it tailored

Always, get everything tailored to you. This will allow your personality to shine through as you know that the shirt was made only for you. As again, stick to natural material and higher cotton counts. Experiment with the collar types and ask for normal point or button down, or spread or extra spread collar. My favorite tailors are Syed Bawkher in Chennai and Vaish Tailors in Delhi.

Style Tip #8. Fit over price

While using a tailor, insist on the fit and not the price. Even if it means multiple fittings, then also invest the time for it and get it right. You will not regret your decision. Of course, you have to stay that way to ensure your tailored clothes fit you.

Style Tip #9. Learn to tie a tie

And not just one knot, learn to tie all the knots. Figure out which
know goes well with which shirt collar and soon you will be a pro. Again, make sure that the tie is silk as it lasts many years plus maintains the knot over several hours of use. Go for a tie whose bigger end is at least 3 ¼” else they are called skinny tie which are a fashionable item not a stylish one.

Style Tip #10. Buy classic clothes or items that YOU LIKE

Not someone else, and that includes your spouse. You have a better idea of what looks good on you however you can certainly ask for opinions on colors from your spouse.

Style Tip #11. Define your personal style

As you start experimenting you will realize the combinations that define you and those definitions help develop your personal brand style. Even if it’s a plain solid white shirt and blue trousers, you will come across as consistent & trustworthy.

Style Tip #12. Keep a neat bathroom, closet, and room

Grow up, you aren’t in a hostel now. Your stylish brand has to be coupled with a stylish bathroom, closet, and room that are super
clean. Again, you aren’t cleaning them for others but only for yourself. Learn to pack many things into a small area in a neat & tidy manner.


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