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Proven Benefits of A Daily Shave (And Why It's So Hygienic and Therapeutic)

“Winning is like shaving—you do it every day or you wind up looking like a bum.” – Jack Kemp

Benefits of a Daily Shave – Rediscover Shaving that Made My Life Better

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I have always loved shaving.  Ever since I stole few shaves with my father’s razor to when I had a razor of my own. I used a cartridge razor in the first 20 years of my life that got the job done but with several issues along the way, like shaving irritation, razor bumps, and cuts. Don’t get me wrong, I used the blade a maximum 10 or 12 times (despite its prohibitive cost of Rs. 250+ for each blade).  The shaves took about 4 minutes and were ok, nothing great and by 4 PM I had the dreaded 5 O’clock shadow!

In 2010, I bought my first boar shaving brush from Omega (that I still have!).  Plus, the normal shaving cream and a cartridge razor.  Yet, the simple act of changing normal tap water to lukewarm water started making a huge difference. But by 2011-12 I had stated experimenting with quality shaving soaps, creams, pre-shave oil, and badger shaving brushes. My first experiment with a safety razor was a disaster with the Battle of Panipat on my face. But then I used the DE89 from Edwin Jagger and boy, was that a life changing experience.  The result was a smooth shave at 6am that lasted well till late evening. The skin became clear with zero irritations, no ingrown hair, burns or cuts.

The Wet Shaving Indulgence Journey

Would you like to change shaving from a ‘something that needs to get done’ to an indulgent experience? Please remember there is a technique and a learning curve but once you get past that, it is a treat for the face and for your loved ones. Here are the key steps:

1. PREPARATION: use warm water to soften your face and a no-soap face wash. You can also use a natural bath bar, don’t use a body bath bar or shampoo or a chemical face wash. They will cause more damage to your face. The key is to hydrate the face before your shave so take your time and leave the skin wet. Apply pre-shave oil and leave it on the face for ~30 – 45 seconds.  Leave your safety razor and shaving brush in the warm water too for a few minutes.

2. SHAVING ESSENTIALS: You’ve got to throw the shaving foam, gel, and cheap mass shaving creams in the dustbin. These all have chemicals that will dry your skin and make it difficult to get a proper shave. Use a shaving cream from a tube or better still use a shave jar that contains the shaving soap or cream and a shaving brush. The shaving brush loads the soap or cream uniformly from a jar plus it’s an enjoyable experience to make piping hot lather and apply it.  The shaving soaps and shaving creams come in a variety of fragrances so find the one you like.

3. SHAVING BRUSH: Come in variety of bristles, knot sizes, handles, bristles and are an excellent way to raise the beard hair and prepare it for a smooth shave. They also exfoliate the skin and clean out he invisible debris around the hair stubbles plus spread the lather evenly.  When you apply a shaving foam or gel, the fingers inevitably push the stubble down leading to a NOT-SO-GREAT shave!

4. SAFETY RAZOR: No need to be afraid of the safety razor as technology and techniques have made today’s razors a lot better than earlier. Use a single blade double edge safety razor that works better than a cartridge razor. Your razor burns and shaving irritations will be a thing of the past once you get past the initial skepticism.

Shaving Process

1. HOW TO SHAVE: Always start shaving in the direction your hair grows. Your face map is your best friend and you know which direction to shave. Use the razor at a 30 degree angle and use short strokes and rinse repeatedly.  Re-lather and shave sideways and across the grain. Want a BBS (Baby Butt Smooth) shave? Then shave against the grain. Always hold the razor lightly and let the weight of the razor do its job. Don’t press the razor down.

2. WARM & COLD WATER: After shaving, rinse with warm water and remove the lather residue and check your face for any leftover areas that need a razor pass. Then apply cold water to close the pores and leave the face wet.  Apply a no-alcohol after shave to soothe and moisturize your skin.

Try these steps and let me know at how you did or if you need any help.  I am confident you will be thrilled with the results.

Let’s now talk about the benefits of a clean shave face. I can identify 5 of them so let me know if there are more that you have experienced.

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