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How to Shave on Sensitive Skin and Enjoy it?

Shaving on Sensitive Skin has lots of challenges so let's overcome them

Does the thought of starting your day with blood shock you? Well, it’s a reality for a lot of men who have sensitive skin and suffer from nicks & cuts everyday while shaving. We don’t promise you that your sensitive skin will become normal, but using the right products and techniques you will start enjoying shaving with zero nicks & cuts.

So, let’s start:

1. Start the day before to best deal with sensitive skin

Your preparation for a good shave starts the night before. Apply a little cold pressed oil or olive oil to your face before sleeping. Just a little bit though. Or cleanse your face and apply a night cream or moisturizer. If everything fails, apply a little bit of pre shave oil. The oil or moisturizer will help strengthen your skin and over a period of time will help make the skin supple which is the first thing you need to prevent cuts.

Pink Woolf face wash and face cleansers to prepare your skin for a smooth shave on dry skin

2. Before shaving

Wash your face with warm water and for a few days apply double the pre shave oil required. This allows extra protection and lubrication to your face. Checkout the benefits of the pre shave oil.

3. Shaving tools

  • DOUBLE EDGE SAFETY BLADES – use clean, new ones. Throw the dull ones out.
  • SHAVING BRUSH – use a Boar or Synthetic Shaving Brush.
  • SHAVING SOAP – use a handmade soap that is rich with natural ingredients and creates thick, dense lather. The lather will protect your skin at all times.
  • SAFETY RAZOR – use a quality razor that weighs above 80gms. This allows the razor head to do the work and not your hands. The lighter the razor, the more you will exert pressure through your hands and the more cuts you will experience.


4. While shaving

Use the lightest of pressure and DO NOT press down. In the first pass, always shave with the grain. In the second pass, shave sideways and with the grain. Start shaving against the grain once your technique develops.

  • TRICKY AREAS – like chin, under the chin, moustache area, and around the throat use the lightest of touches. Imagine holding a bird in your hands, that’s the kind of pressure you should exert. Just enough that the bird doesn’t fly away and also that you don’t squeeze the bird.


4. After Shaving

Clean the face with cold water. Initially, you might still have a few cuts as you improve your technique and that’s fine. Apply alum to the face, wait for 30 seconds and wash the alum away. Then apply the non-alcoholic after shave balm that is designed for sensitive skin. 

Following these for a few days is easy and forgetting to follow them even easier. Hence, keep at it and after ten days or so, you can goodbye to all the nicks & cuts as long as you follow the process. What’s going to help you is diligence in following the outlined steps that help you put your best forward, everyday. Develop your own personal style, bring back the gentleman. 

Pink Woolf was started after years of using cheap and bad products that have chemical ingredients in them.  They smell good, are packaged well, BUT they are not your skin’s best friend.  My skin was constantly dry, chapped, cut skin (even while using a cartridge razor), and shaving irritation prone.  After visiting a dermatologist, I shifted to Wet Traditional Shaving Methods and my skin became & better with healthy, natural ingredients that worked on my skin. 


So, when we started Pink Woolf, we consciously decided to use vegan ingredients like Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil.  And combined these with other essential oils.  These oils are natural, organic, and work to make your skin a better version that ever before.  We hope you like these thought through and well researched natural & organic products.

Whether you are new or experienced, you can always learn a thing or two and create superb lather with a shaving brush. Experience the #PinkWoolfShave and learn at Pink Woolf – Learn How to Shave in an Enjoyable Way. Wet Shaving Masterclass

More on this amazing wet shaving tool called shaving brush, let us know what you think in the comments below. Till then, Happy Shaving!

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