Bald, Bold, & Buzzing: A CEO's Shaving Revelation! - PinkWoolf

Bald, Bold, & Buzzing: A CEO's Shaving Revelation!

Bald, Bold, & Buzzing: A CEO's Shaving Revelation!


Every day it is a chore

Especially if you have a big round head like me

Bald, but not fully bald!


Hence, a daily shave to look even

Else it is odd!

Jokes apart

The truth remains that I must


Invest in quality products.

Creams, brushes and aftershaves

My experiments with truth

And all things shaving

Led me to an animal.

An animal coloured PINK

Calling itself



Lockdowns, trials and tribulations

Lead to a period of experimental discoveries

One of them being a shaving cream

For sensitive skin


My wife says I have thick skin

That I have a heart with no feelings

Yet my body does show

Through redness and scrapes


That I do

Have feelings that can be termed Human

And as Homo sapiens

I seek


A connection

Some emotion

Leading to a habit

It’s the same with purchase


When the first product I bought

Comes with a couple of additional products

For me to try and share my feedback

It does buoy me positively

Towards that brand


When the CEO of the brand

Pens a personalized note

Having “checked me out”

And talking about my mustache


Not once but thrice

I sure am hooked

With the CEO, the product

And the brand.




Individual attention

All do lead to the brand


Getting nailed right in the center of my brain

Enabling me to talk about it

Spread the word

All while continuing to be a loyal customer.


The above ode is to PINK WOOLF, a product range I greatly like.

With my first order, the CEO sent a handwritten note. This happened in the next two orders as well.

Check out the attached image.

Letter to Pravin Shekar - Marketing Creativity Genius

The CEO, Subodh, was thankful for my business and knew about my upcoming book (then!). He wrote about it.

I shared this note with my wife and with some of my friends. I did the same with the products, some of which were given as gifts.

Not only did I try the samples, I went ahead and bought them as well. From the cream, to the aftershave, to the brush, the blade, and the razor!

The cognitive bias at play here is the “Reciprocity principle”.

The personalized note from the CEO created a sense of connection. The positive emotion enabled me to use more of their products and also speak about the brand. Net result, I have become a brand evangelist of Pink Woolf!

The reciprocity bias happens when individuals receive personalized gestures; they are more likely to reciprocate with positive actions or attitudes.

I have the same emotional connection with MyHarvest Farms, whose co-founder Archana Stalin sent not just a note but a full-fledged handwritten letter when we started our subscription with the company.

Such things matter.

Especially in a noisy digital world.

What are you going to do about it?

Pravin Shekar

The Outlier Marketer

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