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Amazing Aloe Vera Benefits For Men

All of us have been inundated with Aloe Vera benefits with heavy marketing & publicity plus its magical effect on the skin, diet and so on.  Unlike many other vegan ingredients, Aloe Vera actually works however there is a catch. You wanna know what the benefits of Aloe Vera are, read on:

1. Aloe Vera is a plant that you can grow in your balcony anytime you want. Yes, it’s that simple. It doesn’t even need watering all the time as the plant prefers a dry climate mostly. The gel from the plant is good for home remedy face packs and face cleansers mixed with other fruits or vegetables, however don’t eat it directly.  Biggest Aloe Vera benefit is its simplicity.

Aloe Vera Benefits For Men

2. The plant is simply called the ‘plant of immortality’ for its healing properties to treat skin issues, wounds, digestive issues and the list goes on. It helps reduce inflammation & itching with its cooling effect.

3. In cosmetics and beauty products, Aloe Vera benefits are too many and it simply shines with its ability to keep the skin hydrated and clear. Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin A, C, and E it is used widely in sunscreen lotions, after shaves , moisturizing creams, shaving soap, face washes, and shampoos.

Pink Woolf Aloe Vera

4. Research has shown that Aloe Vera helps treat acne and even delays aging with its ability to produce collagen that helps reduce lines and wrinkles.

So, does that mean that every product I consume should have aloe vera or the latest marketing buzzword ingredient? The answer is a simple, NO. What’s going to help you is lots of water, rest, and a good collection of quality cosmetic products that help you put your best forward, everyday. Develop your own personal style, bring back the gentleman.  Pink Woolf is the result of years of using cheap and bad products that have chemical ingredients in them.  They smell good, are packaged well, BUT they are not your skin’s best friend.  My skin was constantly dry, chapped, cut skin (even while using a cartridge razor), and shaving irritation prone.  After visiting a dermatologist, I shifted to Wet Traditional Shaving Methods and my skin became & better with healthy, natural ingredients that worked on my skin.

PinkWoolf Skincare Shaving Products

So, when we started Pink Woolf, we consciously decided to use vegan ingredients like Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil.  And combined these with other essential oils.  These oils are natural, organic, and work to make your skin a better version that ever before.  We hope you like these thought through and well researched natural & organic products.  Whether you are new or experienced, you can always learn a thing or two and create superb lather with a shaving brush. Experience the #PinkWoolfShave and learn at Pink Woolf – Learn How to Shave in an Enjoyable Way. Wet Shaving Masterclass

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