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6 Delightful Benefits of Neem Comb And How To Promote Hair Growth

Do you sometimes skip combing your hair in the morning to save a few minutes? Or do you grab the first plastic or metal hair brush you see and stuff it into your bag? Do you brush your hair once a day?

If you replied YES, you are unknowingly engaging in some harmful hair habits. Combing your hair is one of the simplest ways to keep it soft, clean, and healthy and show the world your true personality.  And while you are at it, might as well use a natural Neem Comb that promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall.

The advantages of using wooden combs have been touted by our forefathers, Ayurveda scholars, and even yogis. Find out the many benefits of Neem Comb below:


Neem wood is a wonder plant with its healing and antiseptic properties and used for several years. The neem wooden comb reduces dandruff, lice, fizziness, hair fall and provides freshness, natural healing benefits, and helps distribute natural oil to all strands. Hence the neem comb is an eco-friendly, natural hair comb and is a perfect alternative to plastic or hybrid combs.


Wooden Combs, like your hair, skin, and scalp, are made of carbon. A wooden comb makes the hair settle down and gives it a sleek and polished look because both hair and wood have a negative electrical effect. Furthermore, since wood is a natural fiber, it is unlikely to aggravate allergies or skin problems that are caused by plastic and metal combs.


Since natural oils from the scalp do not adhere to the metal or plastic of a standard comb, they are more readily distributed across the whole hair strand with a wooden comb. It gives the hair the shine and bounce of well-moisturized hair, making it look less greasy and cleaner.


We brush with a wooden comb for longer periods of time because it feels so natural. The massaging activity causes the follicles to develop more hair strands, resulting in increased hair growth and thicker hair.


Metal and plastic combs tangle hair at the end of the stroke, while a wooden comb does not. Detangling is smoother with a wooden comb that glides effortlessly across the scalp and through the hair, preventing breakage and split ends. Our Neem Wood Wide Tooth Hair Comb is suitable for short or long, medium, thin, or thick and curly or straight or any type of hair for girls, boys, men, and women.


With its natural & herbal benefits, Combs made of neem wood are recommended by professional hairstylists and beauticians all over the world. Perfect for any hair type whether oily or dry, it maintains the strength of hair and promotes hair growth

Made from hand-picked, high-quality, neem wood, our range of combs is great for hair growth and preventing hair. Rich in scent, soft on hair, the combs detangle without splits or breakage, is non-allergic, anti-bacterial, and helps extract dandruff as you comb.

The use of a neem comb promotes hair growth and blood supply, resulting in a healthy scalp. You can use our herbal neem comb on your beard hair as well.

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