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5 Benefits of A Clean-Shaven Face (And Why It's So Hygienic)

While keeping facial hair has become a fashion, a clean shaven face still is stylish and hygienic!

Facial hair amongst men comes in various types – clean-shave, bearded, moustache only, stubble etc. Many men relate growing a moustache or beard to pride as well. However, a new trend amongst the youngsters has emerged which is of not experiencing a quality shave and hence men avoid shaving to maintain a scruffy beard! Few others have claimed that they don’t know how to cut their facial hair hence they keep a stubble!  So, at your own discomfort and inconvenience, youngsters in the 21-34 age group are avoiding a shave as they don’t know how to shave. Don’t confuse keeping facial hair with your manliness as there’s no relation whatsoever that even women will attest to!

At Pink Woolf, we are big proponents of shaving and an even bigger proponent of grooming.  Simply put, facial hair hampers your skin quality and causes itchiness, rashes, and dryness. Shaving daily or frequently keeps your skin young and smoothens it.  With our deep expertise on shaving, here are 5 key benefits of a clean shaved face:


As mentioned above, your facial skin becomes smoother, clear, and healthy with a daily shave. It makes you look young all the time and commands respect. The security guard at your home, office all thoko salaam with gusto! Shaving thus reduces the appearance of fine lines and makes your skin youthful and radiant as it pulls out the dead cells.


While shaving, your facial hair is cut and so are the dead cells. And when you keep facial hair, it becomes difficult for the skin underneath to shed dead skin cells. When you keep a beard for a long time, your skin will become dry and dull as it is difficult for any type of moisturization to take place.  As the dead skin cells keep accumulating, your skin quality begins to deteriorate that results in issues like rashes, dandruff, and itchiness.


As your facial hair remains unchecked and uncleaned, your skin pores become clogged as the sweat and sebum cannot find a way out. And if you continue to keep your beard unclean, the dust will settle into your pores leading to skin infections and diseases. Hence regular shaving is not just clean but a healthy, hygienic practice for men.


Maintaining a clean beard is not an easy job. The beard products are different to the ones used for head hair! You cannot apply the same shampoo used for head on your beard as this leads to another set of issues. Plus research has shown that a lot of men find it extremely comfortable to have half their face covered with hair. So special attention is required for your facial hair that needs to match your sharp, well-defined demeanor. If you don’t have the temperament to maintain a beard, opt for a clean shaved look, much more easier to manage, feel lighter and much more hygienic.


Your facial skin looks the best under any condition when it is moisturized. And for your skin to stay healthy and hydrated, it’s important to drink plenty of water. However, moisturization becomes extremely tough when you have facial hair as it is, it becomes difficult for the moisturizer to seep into your skin.  The result - Dryness and Dehydration. Your skin feels hard, rough, itchy, and flaky and leads to premature fine lines, and wrinkles. Shaving your face regularly smoothens your skin, allows it to absorb water and nutrients from the no-alcohol after shaves that moisturize.

I hope this helps you in your decision to stay away from the avoidable hassles of facial hair and go for a clean-shaven face with confidence!

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  • Sridhar

    Best article on shaving and it’s importance.👏👏.
    I would like to see that a time comes soon, when fellows like their clean shaven faces, which reflects one’s real features.
    Shave and save your face. Happy shaving.

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