What is Wet Shaving & How To Be A Master At It?

Wet Shaving is growing in popularity these days and for the right reasons.

Yet, I get phone calls and messages on what is it and how is it different to my current shaving routine? Why should I use a pre shave oil? What shaving brush should I use? What is the difference between a shaving cream and soap and many others.

Summary of Wet Shaving

By the end of this article you will understand wet shaving and what it is and isn’t plus terms like BBS, DE, open & close comb and many others. And if you still have questions feel free to write at hello@pinkwoolf.com

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Before we start, understand that there is a subtle difference between traditional & wet shaving. Typically, traditional shaving refers to shaving with the straight or double edge (DE) safety razor, shaving brush, shaving cream, and after shave.

With the advent of the cartridge razor, wet shaving is typically referred to using water with different types of razor – straight, DE, multi-cartridge, disposable, and electric razor or shaver. Any of these razors plus a preshave oil, shaving brush, shaving cream, and after shave are a part of Wet Shaving. However, they aren’t all effective. Look at the chart below :

Wet Shaving Chart

No wonder a lot of people want to avoid the famous 5 O’clock shadow from the disposables and multi-cartridge razors (that happens as you never get a clean shave) and go for the safety razors. A shave from a single blade lasts well into the night, in time for your after hour get together or romantic dinner!

Here’s all that you need for an enjoyable wet shaving routine and the benefits:

1. Pre Shave Oil – this is your first step to a BBS (Baby Butt Smooth) Shave. Wash your face with warm water and apply the pre shave oil. This oil prepares your skin for a smooth shave with a razor glide, repair any imperfections, and takes care with the natural oils that make the skin supple

Pre Shave Oil

2. Shaving Cream or Shaving Soap – you will notice I haven’t mentioned a shaving foam. Throw the can of foam away and stop it, it has cheap ingredients and leaves your skin dry plus it never allow for a smooth shave.

Luxury Shaving Soap Refills

a. Shaving Cream – comes in a tube or shaving tub or jar, filled with natural ingredients and helps retain the moisture of your skin,

Luxury Cushion Ultra Moisturizing Shaving Cream

b. Shaving Soap – comes in a tub or jar, is hard just like normal soaps, filled with natural & essential oils, extremely high moisturization for your skin

shaving cream, shaving soap

The basic difference between the shaving cream and soap is cost and moisturization – the per shave cost of a soap is 4 to 5 times lower than a shaving cream simply because it lasts so much longer – as many as 180 shaves plus has wonderful skin moisturization.

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3. Shaving Brush – throw the nylon bristle shaving brush costing Rs. 55 to 65 in the rubbish. These do not absorb any water rather repels it so is completely ineffective with the shaving cream and useless with the shaving soap.

Synthetic Shaving Brush

a. Synthetic Bristle Shaving Brush – with technology the latest vegan, synthetic brushes are as good as your favorite badger brush. They provide the right flexibility, rigidity, and water absorption to make a good lather,

b. Boar Shaving Brush – these are simply outstanding with their high water absorption, and the perfect mix of flexibility and rigidity plus they exfoliate your skin as you shave. Remember, these brushes are initially a bit stiff however as you keep using them they become soft. From day one, they can create a thick, dense lather from the hardest shaving soap.

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4. After Shave – wash your face with cold water at the end of your shave and apply your favorite after shave. These come in different types:


a. Balm – usually non-alcoholic, these are great to help soothe and calm your skin and is perfect for normal to sensitive skin

b. Gel – a bit of alcohol is added to help close nicks & cuts while shaving, it freshens and cools your skin immediately and is perfect for oily skin

c. Lotion –

i. Splash – usually alcoholic, makes the skin dry and chapped

ii. Lotion in a Cream format – excellent for dry skin as it contains shea butter meant for dry skin, soothes & moisturizes. Protects the skin from irritation, razor burns and dryness

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Aloe Vera shaving soap natural organic

Benefits of Wet Shaving

1. For a new comer, you will start enjoying shaving and look forward to it every day. You will start experimenting with shaving creams, soaps, brushes, razors and so on and you won’t be satisfied till you get the BBS shave,

2. For someone experienced with wet shaving, the benefits are obvious as a wet shave gives you the closest shave, eliminates shaving irritation, razor bumps, and so much more. A wet shave is the best shave to preserve & nurture your skin,

3. In the long run, wet shaving will always be cost effective than any other method. Beyond the initial investment, the blades are cheap and you are free to experiment with dozens of blade brands, the shaving brush will last a lifetime of use and the shaving cream and soap will take care of your skin,

4. You can start showing off your skin’s new radiance by telling everyone about wet shaving as people will ask you. Your bathroom looks elegant with tubs and stands for razors and brushes rather than a can or old mug stocked with your toothbrush and razor,

5. Finally, men who switched over realized that despite the learning curve, the shaving process becomes enjoyable and less of a hassle. As you start using quality products, the enjoyment only increases.

Only Shaving Tools You Need

In Conclusion

Start enjoying shaving and grooming. Most people are not focusing on grooming and the impact it makes to your confidence. It’s not just about shaving, it is about your mannerisms, finger nails, body odor, and how you present yourself at all times…the full package.


A small, narrow mindset of ‘chalta hai’ attitude is the root cause. Most people can’t imagine making a change that could start a positive effect on their life, but you can.


Our tagline at Pink Woolf is Bring Back the Gentleman and we will help you unlock your true potential, one shave at a time. At Pink Woolf, we create superior Shaving & Skin care products with Natural Ingredients for men.

Join us at PinkWoolf or write to us at hello@pinkwoolf.com

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9 replies on “What is Wet Shaving & How To Be A Master At It?

  • Hriday

    “Throw the can of foam away and stop it, it has cheap ingredients and leaves your skin dry plus it never allow for a smooth shave” – till today, I blamed my skin type for this! Thanks for opening my eyes 🙂

    Also, great article. So informative. It’s pretty clear that y’all know what you do. Can’t wait to finish my shaving supplies to try Pink Woolf out 😎

  • Manish Kumar

    Great blog and introduction to wet shaving. Have recently tried many of their products and I am really amazed by the quality. The content quality of the blog shows that they have really done their homework and research before launching anything. Regarding razor, I just feel there should be a straight razor or shavette also. In the blog it was shown that straight razor gets the most number. Of course there is a learning curve. And having used the open comb razor from Pink Woolf, I feel that if at all they decide to launch the straight razor, it’ll be of top notch quality. And I do hope they make one soon. There are many shavers who prefer the original shaving tools and method. And it might be a nice addition to the catalogue. This is just my personal opinion and thinking. By the way, is there any plans regarding the straight razor? Would really love to get it from you.

  • Abhinav Jayaram

    Pls send me your shaving cream and after shave
    103 queenston tower
    Omaxe royal residency
    Pakowal road
    Ludhiana 142022
    Mob 9742938999

        • PinkWoolf

          The CC87 is a close comb razor that is perfect for daily shavers, or people transitioning from Cartridge razors/ electric razors to wet traditional shaving. This razor works for sensitive skin and other skin types and has a minimal blade exposure thus completely eliminating razor burns and other shaving irritations.

          The OC70 is an open comb razor that is best suited for experienced shavers and whose shaving technique is quite developed. The blade exposure is a little more than the CC87 that enables a smooth shave. Be careful as this razor requires a lot of focus.

          I hope that helps, do let us know if you need additional information.


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