Top 5 Shaving Myths!

We ran a survey a couple of months ago and came across a few myths that are discussed below.  A few are urban legends and the rest; I humbly feel are a lack of shaving education. 

Well, let’s try and correct these myths.

Myth # 1 – I CAN’T SHAVE WITH A RAZOR: The real problem is that most men have a wrong shaving routine and perhaps the wrong razor. In the old days, everyone used a single blade razor and the result was a smooth, close and bump-free shave.

Yep – most of our respondents who stopped shaving suffered from razor bumps/ ingrown hair that is a result of bad razor, bad shaving regimen or a combination of both.  The shaving regimen at calls for an effective shave preparation and use of a single blade razor that does not shave hair below the skin line.  The result is a bump free shave.  Even dermatologists suggest using a single blade for that smooth shave.

Myth # 2 – CLIPPERS AND ELECTRIC RAZORS ARE BEST: Clipper and electric razors will shave without bumps, but they don’t shave close.  Secondly, electric shavers act like mini lawn mowers: pulling and cutting the hair and irritating the face which causes the skin to have to “toughen up” in order to withstand those shavers. 

For a true, smooth shave only one blade is enough. The rest is all noise.

Myth # 3 – I DON’T HAVE TIME IN THE MORNING OR SHAVING TAKES TOO MUCH TIME: Really? Would you take a 2 minute shower knowing that you have a 10 to 12 hour day? Not if you care about how you appear (I’m just saying)! So why would you take that approach to the body part that is your primary representation?

In a controlled environment, when you walk through a door or are sitting in a meeting, your eyes glance at the surrounding and others look at your face. While outside your face takes a battering with the heat, wind, air, etc. hence you need to protect it at any cost.

Gents – we have pollution, harmful UV rays, and inclement weather, hence protect your face!

Myth #4 – OLD SCHOOL OR SINGLE BLADE RAZORS ARE OUT… MULTI-BLADE RAZORS ARE IN!!! Multi-blade cartridges pull and then over-cut the hair which causes it to fall below the skin level. These lead to a new set of problems, e.g. dry, cut, acne prone, irritated, reddish etc. And the worst part is the 5 O’clock shadow!!! By 5 O’clock, you feel as if you haven’t shaved at all. The worst effect of the multi-cartridges is that the moisture is sucked away.

Myth # 5 – SHAVING PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO PROPERLY SHAVE EVERY MAN…Nah!!! Shaving product manufacturers have created their products for the majority, but NOT YOU! Therefore, it is imperative to use shaving products that are skin friendly and a shaving technique that works for you.

Pink Woolf has created shaving products for you so that you can shave close, every day, without the fear of irritation, or razor bumps.

A single blade razor: perfectly weighted, and specially engineered to shave hair close, yet non-aggressively.

The Pink Woolf shaving products feature revolutionary multi-tasking formulation that repairs the skin barrier, helps with anti-aging, and retains moisture twice as fast as competitive products, with no harmful ingredients.

More blades and chemical foam does not equal a better, smoother shave.  At Pink Woolf, we endeavor to provide a single double edge blade that does the job much better and shaving products that are actually good for the skin.

There are a few other myths like new razors/blades make more cuts, shaving everyday makes the beard growth faster, blades should be changed weekly etc. which we will cover in our subsequent blogs.  Till then, happy shaving and do let us know at if you have any shaving/ grooming questions.

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