What The Woolf Pack Has To Say?

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Received the balm yesterday, tried it today morning. It is awesome – no stings, no pain! Net net, I’m a convert to Pink Woolf products for life.

Kapil Apshankar


The soap that I received from Pink woolf just takes shaving to a new level. The scent is mild, not overwhelming yet exotic. Shaving is very easy with this lather.

Himanshu Bansal


This is an excellent product. Balms, with quality ingredients, such as this one, will actually moisturize your facial skin giving it a suppleness you never know existed.

Dr. Sanjay Bhagde

Dr. Sanjay

Loved this product, the whole feel of making lather out of the container is nostalgic. So proud that this product is Made In India, amazing quality!

Pratik Gupta

pratik gupta

The bristles are soft & it generates good amount of lather. Great for a comfortable shave.

Prateek Katyal


Joy Shaving

Joy Shaving