Cleaning The Razor

A Pink Woolf DE Razor is worth your money & your time.

Let’s talk money.

What would you consider a great investment?
A stock or bond investment, where one day you will be able to sell it for a profit.
Or an investment that can pay dividends for decades?

Cleaning Care

A DE Razor is one such investment that can give you both. By delivering superb performance, with a routine maintenance, and used with quality products. It saves you money on razor blades too.

Not that DE razors need a lot of pampering, they are tough and a clean-up once in a while will work. But having said that, spending time with your DE Razor is good for the relationship.

This is where we talk about time.

What time you spend with your razor is as important is how you do it.
We don’t know how you’ve been treating your razors till date but this is how it should be done:

Weekly Cleaning & Maintenance

Tools needed: water, detergent, old toothbrush            Time estimate: 3-4 minutes

I will tell you from experience that a consistent routine is much better than a crash-and-burn or recover strategy. The consistent approach works for that treasured fountain pen, your first automatic watch, and yes – your treasured safety razor. You just need to be consistent in cleaning the razor every month or quarter.

Step 1

Make Space To Clear Space

Slightly loosen the razor head by twisting the handle counterclockwise, leaving the blade tied securely to the head. And providing enough space to cleanup the lather and shave residue stuck in the crevices.

Step 2

Hot Water Test

Next, run the razor head under hot water for about 10-20 seconds, holding the blade opening perpendicular to the flow of the water.

Step 3

Shake Off

Shake off the excess water and put the razor back together.

Step 4

Alcohol Protocol

Dip the three razor parts – the handle, top and bottom plate into a container with isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol will disinfect the razor parts.

It doesn’t harm your safety razor at all and you’ll be rinsing it off before next use anyway.

Step 5

Hung Till Dried

After the shave, keep the razor and blade away from the sink in an open area away from the sink & the shower. You can keep it in a closed cabinet after drying the razor and the blades.

Clean Razor

Well that was easy, right?

Additionally, you can use an old toothbrush to reach parts of the razor that aren’t getting cleaned on a weekly basis.  Once the gunk has loosened up, use the toothbrush to clean the razor and restore it to its pristine condition.

After all, every investment requires regular maintenance.

Enjoy your shave and stop with those excuses.