Luxury Shaving Soap – Neroli & Mandarin


The luxury shaving soap is formulated to generate thick, luxurious lather that provides superior moisturization. It helps prepare facial hair for shaving and after shaving, leaves your skin feeling smooth & moisturized.  Indulge in a Royal & Luxurious shaving experience!

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Protect Your Skin

Comfortable shave while protecting the skin from razor burns, irritation.

Dense & Thick Lather

The shaving soap whips up a dense & thick lather in a matter of seconds.


The soap is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant that will solve all skin irritations

Neroli & Mandarin

Experience the exotic Neroli & Mandarin fragrance with our soap which provides a soft, close shave with its excellent cushion & glide.

Designed & Crafted In India

We bring to you Pink Woolf – the wisdom of a time tested wet shaving regimen.

Know More

Shaving with a soap is an acquired taste, but veteran shavers would vouch for it as shaving soaps are organically created with no synthetic additives that harm the skin. The Pink Woolf Luxury Shave Soap is a combination of moisturizer, natural oils, vitamins, and skin rejuvenating formula along with ~50% premium lathering agents that provide a triple layer cushioning between the blade and your skin.

How to use the shave soap?

Drop a few droplets of warm water on top of the shaving soap and apply the moist shaving brush to the soap in repeated circular motion, this will coat the bristles well to spread evenly on your beard. While spreading, start generating lather and proceed with shaving. Add water as required. Shave as usual with a safety or straight razor and after washing your face with cold water, apply your favorite Pink Woolf After Shave Balm, Gel, or Lotion.


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