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Luxury Shave Soap – Oudh & Sandalwood


The Pink Woolf Luxury Shave Soap is formulated to generate thick, luxurious lather and provide superior moisturization. It helps prepare facial hair for shaving and leaves your skin feeling smooth & moisturized. The soap provides a Royal & Luxurious shaving experience!

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Nourishes, hydrates & strengthens your skin with each shave.


Subtle & exotic Oudh & Sandalwood fragrance

50 gm luxury shave soap

No Chemicals

Gets you a close shave without chemicals.

Hassle Free

Comes in a shaving jar included to make lathering easy.

Designed & Crafted in India.

We bring to you Pink Woolf – the wisdom of a time tested wet shaving regimen.


Shaving with soap is an acquired taste, but experienced shaving faces would vouch for it because soaps are organically created with no synthetic additives that harm the skin. The Pink Woolf Luxury Shave Soap is a combination of moisturizer, natural oils, vitamins, and skin rejuvenating formula along with 50% of premium lathering agents that provide a triple layer cushioning between the blade and your skin.

The Pink Woolf Luxury Shave Soap gives your skin a smooth, burn free, close shave and provides antioxidants and moisturization.

Shea butter used in the soap leaves the skin feeling smoother and nicely moisturized and not oily.


Drop a few droplets of warm water on top of the shaving soap and apply the shaving brush to the soap in circular motion, this will coat the bristles well to spread evenly on your beard. While spreading, start generating lather and proceed with shaving.

40 reviews for Luxury Shave Soap – Oudh & Sandalwood

  1. Nilesh Shinde

    I’m using this shaving soap 1st time. I like it’s pleasant aroma. It’s easy to use & after shaving it provides a smooth & cool appearance. Also it’s Made in India so I definitely use it & recommend to other also. Thanks!!

  2. tajung

    Pink Woolf luxury Shave Soap is really good to use, i have used overseas branded ones and i dont think i will be buying any of them anymore since i found this one, easy to use and the scent is good, applying to the face is easy and there is enough for second pass even third time round. the price is reasonable for a good product, something about the sandalwood that keeps me coming back. waiting to see how long this will last. Works a charm when used with pre shave oil from PinkWoolf, scent is great. Thanks for making such a good shaving product for men.

  3. Sanjay Verma

    I have been searching for a good quality shaving soap for quite some time, after trying lot of soaps/ creams available in the market, I have ordered this soap with some apprehensions, but actually shaving with this soap has been a wonderful experience because ……First, my skin is dry but this soap did a great job of keeping my skin moisturized even after shaving. Second it generate enough lather for two passes/shaving. Third, I don’t require separate shaving bowl now this soap in jar provides enough space for brush to generate lather in soap jar itself. Fourth u require only small touch of soap for shaving.
    I am looking forward for this soap with mint touch also.

    All in all, a highly recommended soap. now I just have to try the pre shaving oil too.

    Customer service is great as I received a personal note from, the founder.

    Let’s enjoy shaving

  4. Pawan Trivedi

    Pink Woolf is excellent brand, got a chance to use their entire men shaving range starting with pre shave oil, shaving brush , shaving soap and after shave balm. All product have great fragrance and smooth fir the skin. Really like the new combination of Oudh and other ingredients. All items are highly recommended

    This is a nice soap. There are not too many shaving soaps in a reasonable price range available in India. Either one has to rely on the Godrej Shaving round (Rs. 25) or buy something ultra-expensive costing thousands of rupees.
    This is where a couple of companies have found a niche and Pink Woolf is one of them.
    The soap is great, with a mild, refreshing scent that does not overpower. The whiff of sandalwood is just perfect. It lathers well – both in the box and in a bowl, so all-round, this works very well for me. Great experience with the product. They also sent a sample of their pre-shave oil for me to try. Very sweet gesture, that!
    But this is a five-star review more because of the personal engagement on part of the seller. The hand-written note and follow-up email were a cool touch and not something one sees often. Wet-shaving is a niche hobby and any kind of engagement by the sellers with the enthusiasts is highly appreciated.
    Keep up the good work guys.

  5. Vaibhav

    I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of the product. The smooth feel which I got while shaving was so much different from any other previous experiences.
    The fragrance is unique and I can still smell it after about an hour of shaving. After shave feel too is wonderful, skin is not itching nor do I feel like putting any lotion as I used to feel with the earlier products. I did a little research about the product and the company, and found it to be a recent start up.
    My only concern is if they will maintain the quality, hopefully they will. A big thumps up to the product.

  6. Gulshan Mehta

    Need more fragrances for sure. I mean sandalwood is amazing and who doesn’t like it and I hope the Pink Woolf people bring some more fragrances.

    The soap is outstanding. It didn’t work well with my normal brush but with the boar brush works amazingly well. I guess a good soap needs an equally good brush!!! The soap has hardly any dent in the weeks I have been using and looks like it’s going to last a very long time. The skin is soft, refreshed at the end of the shave.

    The founder sent a note with the soap and a pre shave oil & after shave gel sample. Both are equally good and essential to a smooth shave. I am just waiting for my current stock to end so I can buy the oil and gel as well. Way to go, Pink Woolf team.

  7. Krish Bhat

    I came to know about Pink wolf’s product from Facebook and purchased them after launch on Amazon approximately one month ago .
    Using their product , Shaving Soap , Brush , after shave and Sun screen lotion for one month , I can say that the promoters have done their job well .
    It is an enriching , soothing and different level of experience using their product .
    One can feel it cannot describe it in words.

  8. Vikas Gupta

    Nice Container. Hard soap. Long life.
    Few circles for great and nice lather. It is luxurious product. The container works great. After shave skin feels freshness.
    Its natural sandalwood fragrance one more plus point. I purchased another one after finishing first soap.
    Without thinking, give a chance to Pink Woolf’s different soaps and creams. All products are great.

  9. Brutus

    Really good product. Was initially very skeptical when had to buy this product after usage it is really good. Good for skin, good relaxing smell not too strong,good lathering ,safe to use on my sensitive skin,no residue film on face..really good product.

  10. Anand E

    If you want a great start to the day, with the luxurious scent of oud and sandalwood, with amazing shave qualities, then look no further! Just get it

  11. Akshay

    Great product. Made me fall in love with the old shaving format. Please add other products like straight blades to offer complete classical shaving experience.

  12. Vijay N

    Great product. Gentle on skin, makes you smell like a pharaoh 👍🏽 also got a chance to use the pre shave oil & after shave. They are great too. Totally recommend this one..

  13. Manish Sharma

    Nice fragrance, smooth..Good buy.

  14. Kartikey Misra

    The product is amazing, it’s got nice slick to it even the fragnance is very soothing. I did get some Nick’s and cuts but that was due to my inexperice with wet shaving. I used an agresive razor pink Woolf open comb and an aggressive feather blade to early into my wet shaving endeavor nothing against the soap though. I have reseantly started wet shaving and loving it already. Please comment and let me know where can I get proraso shave soap in India.

    Very good and very smooth shaving with this soap.

    Very exhilarating scent in a nice packaging. Rich lather. Lasts a decent length of time. A little overpriced.

  15. Dinesh Chaturvedi

    awesome. great one.

  16. Avanish Srivastava

    Awesome. Makes a lot of lather and is so smooth

  17. Raghu

    Best of best

  18. Aryan

    Just wow experience using this.. Put little water to the lather and enjoy your shave..

  19. VK

    Gives rich lather. Good fragrance. Helps in a smooth shave. Go for it.

  20. SCSharma

    Pink Woolf products are a great value for money and are quality products.

  21. Shantanu Saha

    Amazing product. Brought back the memories of my grand father using shave soap and at the same time completely satisfied with the product. Consider me a real loyal users of this product.👍👍

    Very good product in terms of quality

  22. Harshit

    Container should be other shape . slightly bigger for more lather create

  23. Deshpande

    Good scent

  24. Ruchi Gaur

    Ultimate Product

  25. Alka Gaur

    Good product,cost slightly on the higher side. Husband absolutely adores it though

  26. Aparna

    So good

  27. Bodo

    So I wanted to take some time and use this before I reviewed the product. To begin with, this is just what I wanted, awesome.
    The product arrived well packed in a cardboard box. Hands down, applause to the Brand, presentation was just perfect.
    Now comes usage.
    A. It gives a rich lather as it should and one can really feel the difference in razor glide compared to usual shaving creams.
    B. Doesn’t leave the skin irritated or dry. I usually dab an aftershave, just to moisturize, get some fragrance and sterilize any cuts (when shaving in a hurry, damn). But I didn’t need one with this. The sandalwood and oud fragrance is just right and I didn’t get cuts even in a hurried shave with razor running over some swollen sunburn.
    Great product and I’d recommend this to all wet shaving enthusiasts. If you have a safety or straight razor, dump the cream and get this stuff

  28. Gautam

    I was looking for a good shaving cream which ideally should moisturise your skin and have lasting effect after the shave. I read a few reviews before I went for this product and I took a good decision as I like this product now.

    I have only used this once and I am writing this review. There was absolutely no irritation after the shave and this is the first time I have ever felt it. The Scent is perfect and I am very sensitive to certain scents as it tends to give me a headache. With this product it was no issue and I felt it was a soothing smell.

    I had just taken a bit of it and the it lathered beautifully. I usually have 3 rounds of shave for smooth shave and I did not have to take anything extra and it had dried up and it lathered as if it was the first time.

    I will recommend this shaving cream to all who are looking for a good one. You do not have to look beyond Pink Woolf.

    I will be writing the review again after a month of use to see how it looks by then.

  29. Lalit

    Very nice happy fregrance. Fair quality lather. Good packaging and reasonably priced. Very good engagement by seller. Complementary oil and balm were pleasant.

    good lather+fruity scent

  30. Lalit Parniker

    My bathroom gets filled with its soothing aroma when ever i open lid.


  31. Himanshu

    I have been using a park avenue shaving cream and the brush for a long time and the shaving has been ok. The soap that I received from Pink woolf just takes shaving to a new level. The scent is mild, not overwhelming yet exotic. It’s very different from the lemon or lavender scents. What I liked is the ease with which lather builds and holds on the brush. Shaving is very easy with this lather.

    Shipping was on time and packaging was great. It helps that the products had good outer covers to protect them. All in all, excellent service. There was a personal note too from the founder

  32. Siamack

    It is better than most shaving dreams. Foams up nicely

  33. Manoj Pandey

    Reviving the old charm of shaving with a brush and working up a lather.

    I love the experience, strongly recommended!

  34. Prateek Pandey

    I have used it for over a month now. When I open its cover everyday morning, a scintillating scent fills up in nostrils, feels good. Gently rubbing a wet brush for about a minute creates enough foam and leather for smooth application and great shave. Even after washing the face, a residual freshness remains on the skin. An excellent product.

  35. Jyotiirdas

    I’m a first time user of this kind of shaving soap hence can’t compare it to other products in same category (creams and foams). All I can say is – it gives a “vintage” feeling and can be a conversation starter (while at someone else’s place)! Smell is good and refreshing.

  36. Santosh Mishra

    The mild aroma is great and the soap is smooth. Overall a great shaving experience.

  37. Parthiv

    I purchased the product recently till now I had been using more expensive brands however this product is much better a very high value for the money

  38. Dr Gehlot

    Its good but on second time application. It burns mildly initially.

    However, after several uses it feels now. Highly recommended

  39. Shital Musalgavkar

    Good product

  40. Philip Gibson

    As your first overseas customer, I am delighted to say that your products are superb and well worth the long wait for delivery! I started with the sandalwood and oudh fragrance and love it. I have now tried the seabuckthorn and love it too. Tomorrow I will probably try oceanic blue just to compare. You really have got the soap just right, rich, creamy and fragrant. Thank you for all the little extras you sent with my order; the aftershave lotions are great and very soothing on skin not yet completely attuned to the new razor (and blades). My wife has already put more products in the basket for next time! You have been warned! Wishing all at Pink Woolf continuing success.

    • PinkWoolf

      Many thanks Mr Gibson, I am glad the wait was worth it and the products are performing to your liking. We look forward to welcome you once again and wish you the very best,

      Pink Woolf team.

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