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Pre-Shave Oil Oudh & Sandalwood


The Pink Woolf Pre-Shave Oil prepares the skin for a razor glide, smoothens it for an easy shave and minimizes razor burns. It makes the skin supple and pliable, reducing rough patches. In short, it is a Skin Softener, Moisturizer and Preserver.

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Pamper Your Skin

Prepares your skin for the long run, reducing inner dryness. Made in small batches to ensure use of fresh ingredients every time.

Skin Protection

Protects skin irritation caused by shaving.

Pink Woolf Pre Shave Oil Oudh Sandalwood

Long Lasting

Using Pre-Shave Oil doesn’t just help with the shaving experience, but keeps skin moisturized for the rest of the day.

Natural & Fresh

Contains oils like hemp seed, olive and tea tree that helps the skin look better, feel fresh and healthy.

Designed & Crafted in India

We bring to you Pink Woolf – the wisdom of a time tested wet shaving regimen.


We are all born with beautiful skin, but over time we subject it to wear and tear, often unintentionally. It is however, our duty to respect, preserve, protect, and pamper our skin. Whenever we shave, we inevitably take away the top layer of our skin. So in order to prevent hurting it, we introduce the first step in our shaving regimen – the Pink Woolf Pre-Shave Oil.
The oil prepares the skin by increasing it’s water retention. This in turn keeps the skin moisturized and supple. The skin gives in to the blade and bends conforming to its stride thus making the shave comfortable and reducing cuts/ nicks. Hence, It is the perfect way to start your day.


Wet face and beard with warm water. This helps saturate the skin and opens pores allowing the Pre-Shave Oil to seep into the skin. Apply a small amount of pre-shave oil ~30 seconds before applying the shaving cream/soap.

54 reviews for Pre-Shave Oil Oudh & Sandalwood

  1. tajung

    I was given a sample bottle of the pre shave oil, i did not know what to do with it. Do I add water and make it into coffee? the coffee scent was so good that I almost added hot water and spot of milk to it. having used it for few weeks and loving the scent of it . The sandlewood oil also adds a certain zing to it, oh how well it lifts up the beard, making easy to work with the razor. Before I run out of the sample given, I ordered some more of it as I believe it is good to use pre shave oil of such a good quality. I recommend PinkWoolfe pre shave oil. I will be stocking up on this to last a year.

  2. Brijmohan

    Pre-Shave Oil: Mind-blowing purchase.
    This Pre-Shave Oil renders the shaving process
    very sleek and silken. And, the best thing about
    it is it’s magnificent fragrant smell which is great.

  3. Loy

    Excellent product

  4. Rohan

    first experience gave a nice shave.

  5. Kishore


  6. Amrish Kumar

    Nice fragrance with ultimate beard softening properties. Excellent quality of product.

  7. Jalaj


  8. Vikrant Gupta

    Decent product, As good as expected

  9. Vivek C

    Really Nice

  10. PT

    i tried this oil for first time.smells like coffee.Can feel the difference in shaving.Rather expensive,costly looking at other options available in market.

  11. Anil Kumar

    This is my first time trying a pre-shave oil as I’ve started wet shaving. Never had my skin felt so smooth and supple after the shave. No razor nicks or burns.

    The seller was nice to send two free samples of aftershave balm and sunscreen along with my order. Am definitely going to buy their aftershave balm, its awesome.

    Edit: the fragrance of the pre shave oil could be improved a bit.

  12. Manas Shanker

    pre-shave oil: using a pre-shave product for the first time. proved helpful in avoiding nicks and cuts

  13. Raghu Singh

    The product met my expectations. The product ordered is of good quality, and does its job as mentioned. I hope they maintain the same quality in the future.I was sent a sample of their after shave lotion and balm which was of exceptional quality. Will be ordering these in the future too.

  14. Biswas Chakraborty

    Wow, what an incredible shaving experience. I have tried other preshave oils before. But, Pink Woolf certainly left my skin feeling supple after the shave. In combination with the Pink Woolf shaving soap, the skin was slick throughout the shave, allowing the safety razor to glide through effortlessly. Only thing I am not particularly excited is the smell. Does not smell of Oudh and Sandalwood, but not unpleasant though. Definitely, would continue purchasing the product.

  15. Prateek Chouhan

    The manufacturer has really come up with a nice product. It works very well and makes your shaving experience pretty smooth. Here is a thing- after application of this product on your skin you have to leave it for atleast 2 minutes and then it will work wonders.
    My skin is soft but my beard and moustache are very hard and this oil has helped me in providing a softer and smoother shaving experience.

  16. Rajendra

    Very good product, i started feeling the difference after applying the oil. it helps for smooth shaving no itchings and no scars while shaving. i would recomed to use this if you have very thick or rough beard.

  17. Mohit Rawat

    I was initially skeptical of the purpose and use of a pre shave oil. However after using it for many shaves now, I can tell you it works. The fragrance is very nice, what better than to start the day with Sandalwood! The lather isn’t any less with the oil and the smooth feeling of the skin is excellent. I noticed the skin becoming a lot more supple as well which naturally helps the next days shave.

    Well done Pink Woolf, do bring a new fresh fragrance as well.

  18. Bharath

    Have ordered it more of keeping trial in mind. But the actual product has come up nicely. Nice light weight packaging. Good feeling using the product

  19. Chris Pole

    Loved the product. Gives a smooth shave and I can see the difference before using and after using it. Worth the buy!!

  20. Danny Beck

    Soothes Skin for a more better experience, and skin feels soft post use.

  21. Jacob

    Good product my personal taste ,excellent customer service

  22. Razzak Khan

    Best pre shave oil at most affordable price.
    Great quality soothes the skin.

  23. Greg


  24. Justin Taylor

    Fantastic oil for a smooth shave. Rashes and cuts down to almost never after using this. Oil has a good fragrance.

  25. Mohit

    Product is not bad

  26. Sudhakar

    Excellent feeling!

  27. Leroy Fernandes

    Gr8 product

  28. Sanju Varghese

    Great product. A must for someone who likes a wet shave.

  29. Sai Vivek

    Superb…just started using

  30. Dr Arun

    Good product for people with rough beard. Gives a clean shave without cuts or razor bumps

  31. Vikas Rastogi

    Excellent quality product.

  32. Joy Shaving

    Absolutely loved the preshave oil, its aroma is luxurious and it provided the proper sheild between the skin and the blade, the best thing I liked bout this preshave oil is that it did not reduce the lathering capacity of my shaving cream while shaving. For demo do check out a shave video on JoyShaving channel on Youtube.

  33. Suresh C Sharma

    What allures me is its excellent fragrant smell of God knows what ingredients. But it is exquisite. The shaving process becomes so smooth.

    Its difficult to explain the virtues of this product… to start with … the shave is absolutely smooth… and its mild fragrance is distinct

  34. Aarushi

    Amazing product highly recommended I must say.
    It smells soo good.
    I trust this brand blindly.
    The magic behind my skin is this product.

  35. Aparna Rawat

    Ordered for my Husband……Its awesome as he said

  36. Akshay Pratap

    I never thought such a thing exist or never had such used by any barber I have been to. Until I started exploring myself the different ways of wet shaving and that is when I found Pink Woolf Pre Shave Oil on Amazon India.

    Here is my review.

    1. Use it as instructed. Shake it before use. Take not more than two pumps if you do not grow more than a stubble.
    2. Since I’m shaving without pre-shave oil for such a long time, I can instantly feel the smooth skin texture post shaving with this product.
    3. The product smells really good. Have this soothing and calm essence to it.
    4. Smoother razor glides with almost no nicks, cuts or burns.
    5. I feel quantity to be less for the given price. Having said that, I feel no compromise on quality.

    Cheers! Do click on the ‘Helpful’ button if the above information eases your buying decision.

    On a personal note:-

    Do support the brands which use natural chemicals than the artificial ones and also ensures making cruelty free products. Pink Woolf fulfills that.

  37. Amit Saraswat

    Really enhances the shave experience however ensure you spray it only once either in hand/face to apply it as if you apply larger quantity than this, it becomes counter productive & it actually becomes difficult to shave. Seller should give usage instruction clearly.

  38. Gaurav Soni

    Had bought this for my father as he had been using pre shave oil lately. He is very satisfied with the product and even claims it to be better than the previous brand that he was using.

  39. Chander

    It’s pure and very effective. Loved its flavour and smooth shave.

  40. Abhishek Chwala

    Scent of this is not too good. It’s ok!
    It’s little bit spilling /tipping over or may b i shud say a kind of leakage when you dab the nozzle. However it’s not a big minus. U can manage it I guess.
    Now see! this is an oil ! And when u apply shave cream after, it doesn’t produce lather as an effect of this oil. Yep shud think twice about it.

    My overall rating would be barely 4. However!! You are bound to feel the positive difference when u use it!

  41. Rajiv Sharma

    Good stuff. But not as smooth as another brand which I am using. Scent is better than others

  42. Praveen J

    The quality of the product is excellent and the fragrance is so natural and I liked it very much. However, I find the price is bit costly

  43. Deepak Mehta

    The product can occasionally be used as before shave oil. Although it gives clean shave the burning effect remains.

  44. Amit Patil

    Product is Good and effective. Improve packing.

  45. Sameer Jain

    Better shave with this oil

  46. Sarab Narang

    Another one of the artisan items in the men s grooming space. To begin with, it does its job well. Packing sure is weird. Why would oil be in a pump action container, beats me!! Smell is hemp, so some may not like as it may remind them of insect repellant products. You may or may not get used to it.
    Lasts long as the quantity required is pretty small. I would have preferred for some one to come out with a pre shave cream like pro Raso. All these shave oils leave a residue on double triple blades. These are meant for DE blades and I don’t think there are many who use DE for shaving.

  47. Rony

    This oil is really good, even after applying first time u will feel the difference. The only problem is when u pump out the oil, it spills all over the bottle as well, might be pump is not efficient as it should be. I got a sample of after shave balm as well which is very nice and i will try the same as well.

  48. Manoj Verma

    Decent oil with nice smell. I use it especially in winters for avoiding dry skin and too much skin scraping. Also got a completentary after shave gel and a hand written thank you letter 🙂 Really appreciate the gesture. Little expensive.

  49. Nilesh Mehta

    Helps smoother shave … I mainly bought to reduce burning irritation I often get after shaving. … this is certainly saving me from that and smells nice too ! Would certainly recommend it !

  50. Narendra

    Great product especially for people who travels a lot. The size of the product is just perfect that can be carried in hand bag when flying as well.

  51. Rama E

    Very good product. Skin gets smoother

  52. Herbert Laubner

    I like it very much. I shave myself using a shaving knife, with the oil the knife glides much easier. And as many said, that smell is extremely good.

    • Mr. Woolf

      Thank you Mr Laubner. Be safe during the lockdown and we look forward to welcome you again.

  53. Manish Kumar

    Very good product, it’s a must have for all who shave regularly. Shaving is much easier and fun as it prepares the skin and helps the razor to glide smoothly. Nobody who shaves would be disappointed with this product.

  54. Jayakrishna Bhat

    2 years back I purchased my life’s first Pre Shave Oil. After realizing its role on wet shaving I tried few other brands…. which is poor in quality high in price tag. Returned to this… Never disappointed always fantastic. Times run, its market growing but quality still in top level. Thanks to Pink Woolf team for maintaining quality

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