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Pink Woolf Boar Shaving Brush – M280121


The Pink Woolf Boar Shaving Brush (Maroon) combines aesthetics with traditional brush making and creates a timeless shaving tool. Your Grandfather would be proud of it. It features a classic, gloss maroon handle that blends wet shaving tradition into our modern life.

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Boar Bristles

Made from high quality, soft boar natural bristles.

Consistent Lather

Make shaving enjoyable and get consistent lather.

Boar Shaving Brush for Men, 28mm Knot

Pink Woolf Boar Shaving Brush in Maroon Color

Thicker Lather

Makes a thick lather and subtly exfoliates your face.

Perfect Gift

Captivating handle color.  A gift every man will desire!

Designed & Crafted in India

We bring to you Pink Woolf – the wisdom of a time tested wet shaving regimen.


The Pink Woolf Boar Shaving Brush is handmade that preserves warm water and deliver a warm & luxurious lather. It exfoliates your skin and helps lift the beard to deliver a close shave. The 28 mm knot is a dense brush that whips up lather in no time and suggested for shavers at all stages.


It’s also a good idea to clean a brush before its first use, too.
New Boar Shaving Brushes may have an unpleasant smell for the first couple weeks of use.
A good cleaning beforehand will knock that scent down to an acceptable level right off the bat.
Summing Up
All your shaving brush needs is love and regular cleanups.  And warm water.


1. Wet brush in warm water before use
2. Rinse with water after use
3. Pat dry
4. Store Upside down

3 reviews for Pink Woolf Boar Shaving Brush – M280121

  1. Pranav Kumar Choudhary

    The Best Made In India Boar Hair Shaving Brush !
    I had ordered pink woolf shaving products in january but was unable to use it as I was quite busy, then recently I opened up the box and decided to use the maroon boar shaving brush first as it requires little bit of time to break in. I have been using it for about 3 weeks and I have to say that it is the best boar shaving brush that is made in India.
    I have been using Omega boar brushes and I have also used some unbranded Indian boar bristle brushes too ( no popular brand manufactures boar shaving brush in India) ; the pink woolf boar brush looks like a first genuine Indian attempt to make quality boar shaving brush and now it is my go to shaving brush !
    The maroon coloured acrylic handle is aesthetically pleasing and has the optimum weight and grip while the knot is thick with a rather short loft (it looks like simpson chubby brush) The bristles are of good quality and are relatively soft compared to other available Indian boar brushes. It gives a pretty good performance with shaving soap however if you use it with shaving cream and shaving bowl you may want to reach for the tube again during your second pass as it doesn’t hold the lather much for a second application probably due to the shorter loft but being a natural bristle brush even that would improve with time (saying it with my own experience)
    The only thing that I didn’t like was that the trimming of the bristles should have been more symmetric as in my brush the bristles on one side is a bit shorter than other side.
    Pros :
    – Good quality bristles.
    – Aesthetically pleasing
    – Handle is REALLY good with just the right amount of weight and nice grip.
    Cons :
    – Doesn’t hold much lather for multiple passes.
    – Limited choices for colours.
    Suggestions :
    – Loft size should be just a little bit more (5-10mm) so that it can hold good amount of lather for second and third pass
    – A few more colour choices would be great (like ivory)
    – Trimming of the bristles could be improved.
    Verdict :
    Overall, I appreciate the quality and the effort of the pink woolf team for bringing up a real good boar shaving brush and if only they can work a little bit on the finishing and increase the loft height by 5-10 mm I believe this would give omega brushes a run for their money. Due to the above isuues I would give it a score of 4 out of 5 stars.
    Would I recommend it ? …… HELL YEAH !
    Best of luck to the pink woolf team…keep up the good work !

    • PinkWoolf

      Dear Dr Choudhary, Many thanks for your feedback. We will definitely work on your feedback on the length of the bristles and the handle colors. And great to hear this brush has become your go-to brush for a smooth shave. We look forward to many more visits from you and your friends.

      Have a super week ahead and stay safe.

  2. Jayakrishna Bhat

    Another great product from PinkWoolf.
    Ready to use… This is new future/service from PinkWoolf. Commonly boar brushes break-in process not easy or happy moment to everyone.
    Best bristles and big knot gives great feeling. Perfect backbone & smoothness combination make this brush… Great product.
    Commonly natural hair brushes lather eater. Means soap’s wastage is common. This brush’s design control lather wastage.
    Everything perfect and great.
    As per my knowledge, this is best boar brush in Indian market.
    Thanks to PinkWoolf team for this amazing product.

  3. Ginbiaksang Tonsing

    This is the best brush brush i have ever used.

    • PinkWoolf

      Dear Mr Tonsing, many thanks for your warm feedback. We look forward to welcome you again and wish you a great rest of the year 2021.

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