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Pink Woolf Boar Shaving Brush


The Pink Woolf Boar Shaving brush combines distinctive aesthetics with traditional brush making to create a timeless shaving tool that your Grandfather would be proud of. It features a gloss black finish, classic handle that blends wet shaving tradition and form of our modern lives.

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Natural Bristles

Made from high quality & soft boar natural bristles.

Consistent Lather

Makes shaving enjoyable and easier to get lather consistency.

Natural Bristle Shaving Brush

Thicker Lather

Gets you a thicker lather while subtly exfoliating your face.

Perfect Gift

It is the perfect gift for men of all ages – a gift every man will desire!

Designed & Crafted in India

We bring to you Pink Woolf – the wisdom of a time tested wet shaving regimen.


The Pink Woolf Boar Shaving Brush is handmade to preserve and helps retain warm water and deliver a warm & luxurious lather. It lightly exfoliates your skin and helps lift the beard to deliver a close shave. The 28 mm knot is a dense brush that whips up lather in no time and is suggested for shavers at all stages.


It’s also a good idea to thoroughly clean a brush before its first use, too.

New Boar Shaving Brushes can have an unpleasant smell for the first couple weeks of use.

A good cleaning beforehand will knock that scent down to an acceptable level right off the bat.  Even cleaning one of the new breeds of synthetic hair shaving brushes may be a good idea, just in case there is some kind of residue left over from the manufacturing process.

Summing Up

All your shaving brush needs is love and regular cleanups.  And warm water.


1. Wet brush in warm water before use
2. Rinse with water after use
3. Pat dry
4. Store Upside down

30 reviews for Pink Woolf Boar Shaving Brush

  1. Deepanjan

    First time I’m shaving with an actual boar hair brush, after years of using synthetic. Must say, it’s pretty terrific

  2. Badruddin

    Just wow!

  3. DNKS

    Terrific, Good Quality, Much better than synthetic shaving brush

  4. Suresh Chandra Sharma

    Must buy!
    This is one up on Omega Boar brush used earlier, due to its thickness which produces rich lather effortlessly. It is sturdy, unlike a plastic handle type. It sheds a few bristles a couple of times only in the beginning, which is but normal in all brushes. All said and done, a decent product.

  5. shailesh Chandra

    Mind-blowing purchase
    Great product, the brush has good grip and soft bristles to get that smooth foam on the face. Great results when used with Pink Woolf shaving soap. Highly recommended

  6. Wet shaving fanatic

    Great ..guys you can go for it.

    Highly appreciate the kind gesture of team Pink wolf. Got a hand written note from CEO regarding the product and samples they provided as a goodwill gesture.
    The brush I ordered is as per my expectations. I tried their aftershave lotion as well and find it excellent..
    The quality and aroma is fantastic. I personally like subtle aroma so it was a breeze for me. Overall the product is awesome.
    All the best for you guys..Keep it up..
    For those, who are looking for a great product which give a real satisfaction.

  7. Gulshan Mehta

    At first cleaning (breaking boar brush) its 5-6 bristles comes out. Next day 1-2 hairs falls.
    But after that (today forth day) nothing happens.

    Not a small handle… not short bristles.

    Medium size, good handle. Looks so shiny and beautiful.
    Great bristles.

    Works with soap.. amazing. Shaving with this brush amazing experience.

    Reasonable price. Because it is boar (natural) brush. Some boar brushes available in cheaper price. But no quality.
    No more words need to praising this product…. Because it is Pink Woolf’s product.
    Pink Woolf always serving only luxurious and great product.

  8. Deepanjan Ghosh

    After using a brush from Omega, I switched to Pink Woolf boar shaving brush and initially I wasn’t convinced. As I kept shaving, the brush has become softer and better. I guess that’s the property of all natural brushes. The lather generation is immense, the comfort and the dense ness is amazing as well. Having used it now for 2 weeks my shaves have improved tremendously. I travel a lot and this has been a good partner to me in my travels. It’s a perfect wet shaving tool

  9. Manas

    First time I’m shaving with an actual boar hair brush, after years of using synthetic. Must say, it’s pretty terrific. I keep it dipped in warm water for a few minutes, which softens up the bristles nicely. But they are still firm enough to pick up soap even from a pick that hasn’t been bloomed. It’s a pleasure on the skin as well. Lathers up beautifully. As for the smell, which the manufacturer warns you about, yeah, of you stick your nose in it and inhale deeply, there is a slightly funky smell, but first, you won’t do that often, second, it goes away with time.

  10. Jaison T

    It’s natural and feels natural! I liked the product, however each time it’s used some strands comes out. Pink Woolf team – pls do something innovative about it so that it lasts long. Overall- good look & feel and I would like to repeat my order in future!

  11. Lt Gen Gill

    I have used an Omega boar hair brush earlier and the Pink Woolf brush is good in comparison. The bristles are less dense on this one, but the handle is solid and well designed for grip. Overall, this brush is nice to use and excellent value for money!

  12. Sumeet

    Excellent product. Quality as expected. Ergonomics do play a choice, but having used it for over a month now, love it.

  13. Amit Singla

    The brush is durable and produces a thick foam. The price is high, but with the rarity of real boar hair brushes today, I think it can’t be helped.

  14. Avanish Srivastava

    Good one…Softness increases as use

    Brush quality is good. Sometimes hair fall noticed but it is not significant.

  15. Hemant Saroop


  16. Thakar Raj

    Its very soft and lathers up well

  17. Pranav


  18. Sam

    Great product

  19. Manas Shankar

    Boar shaving brush – pretty good experience. I use standard Gillette shave gel with the brush. experience is good but takes a bit of getting used to. especially for people who shave 2 times in 1 go. Soap can dry up sometimes, so better to use their recommended shaving soap

  20. Sriram

    I can’t wait to use the brush daily. I am a wet shave enthusiast and this shaving brush is a perfect addition to my kit. It didn’t smell of boar. However, I soaked the brush for 48 hours in warm water so that even the faintest odour can wean off, and also help break the bristles.
    I user this brush with Prorarso shaving soap and the combo works really well.
    Happy to have bought this shaving brush.

  21. SC Sharma

    Doubtlessly, this brush is very soft and creates lather in abundance. It holds firmly in hand. I observed that it lost a few bristles which, in my experience, is a normal thing on using a new brush. It happens only a couple of times in the beginning. Overall, it’s a very good shaving brush affording pleasing experience.

  22. Raghu Singh

    I have been using their products on a daily basis Andfind them to be of top quality. You cannot fault their shaving products keep it up.

  23. Wise guy

    Like it very much….too good a product. Highly recommended

  24. Neeta Mathur

    Works as advertised. Feels better than its expensive counterparts like Kent etc. Bought it for my husband who loves it. Gotta get the other products now

  25. Sharad Sharma

    Superb buy

  26. Rajiv Mathur

    Good product- generates good leather. getting softer after multiple uses

  27. Ajit Rao

    The brush is one of the best I had used. The bristle is not too soft like the plastic ones. Optimum strength of bristle. Gives a great scrub effect on face while creating amazing results in creating lather foam. Love it and will use again along with the same brand shaving cream. It’s premium all the way.

    Good boar bristle brush. Decent water retention and lather. The bristles could be a little longer and it would have been perfect

  28. AK

    It is a good brush. Nicked a star coz it loses 2-3 bristles during every shave. I hope its not permanent:)

  29. Shafat Ali


  30. Arnav Raja

    Amazing product! Boar bristles are of very high quality and create a good lather. The brush itself has a nice weight. So far, I’m very happy!

    • PinkWoolf

      So good to hear that. Continue being safe.

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