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Open Comb (DE) Safety Razor – Omega OC70

Open Comb razor that makes an excellent choice for men whether they are beginners or veteran shavers and who are looking for the next great option for their wet shaving razor.

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Open Comb Design

Less aggressive on the skin allowing for better control during a shave.

Chrome Plated Handle

Help resists rust and is meant to sustain wet environment for several years.

Carefully Crafted

Comfortable weight and balance for accurate, close shaving. Perfectly suited for both new and experienced wet shavers

Excellent Shave

The unique angles and exposure of the blade in an Open Comb razor make shaving efficient and gives unrivaled results.

Designed & Crafted in India

We bring to you Pink Woolf – the wisdom of a time tested wet shaving regimen.


The Very Best

You get our premium Safety Razor with Complimentary Blades. Shaving with safety razors is unlike anything you have experienced and most certainly different than cartridge razors. It may take you a few shaves to get used to it, but once you do I’m sure you’ll not want to go back.



1. Use as little pressure as possible. Let the superior weight of the razor do the work for you.

2. Hold the razor by the middle or tip of the handle.

3. Angle the blade at a ~30-40 degrees angle. It might take a few shaves to find the best angle for you.

4. Shave with the grain of your beard in the first pass and then sideways or against depending on your face shave map.

27 reviews for Open Comb (DE) Safety Razor – Omega OC70

  1. Sandeep

    Product is very good. Handle wight is perfetly managed, helping razor to glide. Quality of material used feels premium.

  2. Nishant

    I had the belief that Pink Woolf closed comb razor was the one of the best available. But their recent open comb is even better suited. It gives close shave and better glide over face contours. Chin area redness is now healed.

    Furthermore the razor/brush stand is quite unique. It neatly stacks them. Sort of water resistant. Keep it up.

  3. Giuseppe Marchese

    Very good DE razor. The razor its very good up to standards.

  4. Manish tripathi

    aggressive head – excellent product

  5. Delighted customer

    High quality product and excellent customer service.
    Very high quality product. It comes with elegant looking good quality pouch and sample after shave balm. Extremely happy with the decision to buy. The buyer is customer centric as he took time to send hand written note with signature thanking for the purchase and explaining the contents of the order. Amazed by the extent of customer service. Continue the good job!!!

  6. Suresh

    Well crafted. Efficient. Great customer support.

  7. Rajesh R

    This is a piece of art. Very well crafted. Shaves very closely with the included Derby blades. Efficiency is the word. The area where this brand stands apart is the customer support. I got replies usually within hours. Mr. Subodh goes extra mile in addressing customer concerns. I have also ordered Pink Woolf CC87 razor after using this.

  8. Binoy Varghese

    Terrific purchase
    one of the best double edge safety razor i have ever used.

  9. Aditya Botla

    Good One. Smooth Shave …….

  10. Joseph

    Worth every penny
    it is absolutely wonderful product, go ahead

  11. Michael Philip

    Highly recommended
    amazing razor

  12. Mohd Shahid

    really good item
    Great product

  13. Ravi Gulati

    Since I have never used safety razor before so I can’t say much about the experience however I did my first shave today with Pink Woolf Safety Razor and I’m happy with the experience.I felt nice gripping holding it in my hands and its heavy weight helps to glide smoothly on the cheek.It came along with a genuine leather pouch, 5 blades and a after shave balm as a complimentary.I did apply the balm that came with it and I can still feel the softness on my cheeks over my shaving area. I am happy with product and recommend it highly.

  14. Manish sood

    Nice Open Comb Razor. It is good and efficient razor. I liked it very much

  15. JQ

    Highly recommended

  16. Chandrakant Singh

    Excellent built quality and butter smooth shave.. I’m totally surprised.. From the package to the finish.. It truly is a gem of a product.. Recommend it to everyone.. Just go for it.. You’ll also fall in love with this razor.

  17. VK singh

    Mind-blowing purchase
    awesome after long time good razor got razor blades and two sample bottles one of after shave balm and one skin oil that is used before shaving. gives wonderful and awesome shave. Superior delivery

  18. Manoj

    Excellent product

  19. Ajitabh

    Must buy!
    Received the DE Rajor yesterday. I made my morning shave with this Pink Woolf Razor. I used Pink Woolf Pre Shave Oil and Pink Woolf Shaving Soap , purchased earlier, for today’s shave. The shaving Brush used was Omega 10048 Boar bristle Brush. The DE blade used was Gillate 7ó clock . Very comfortable shave, no nick or cut. The Razor is in between Mild and Aggressive. Though it is not up to the standard of my regular use Parker 99 R or Merkur 34C, the fit and finish are high class.

  20. Salian

    product is as same as shown in pics. but the problem is i don’t find much softness and the way it’s benefits were accentuated. I would definitely say this product is not for beginners.

  21. Suresh Krishnamurty

    very good

  22. Anand

    very good product

  23. Paras

    Excellent. Very comfortable to use for all kinds of blade, stylish, after two months of usage i am giving this review.

  24. Dhawal Sood

    Product is very good. Handle wight is perfectly managed, helping razor to glide. Quality of material used feels premium.
    One less star for incorrect description of package contains.
    Sample sent of after shave is cleverly made , combining after shave with moisturizer. Definitely will like to become repeat customer for Pink Woolf.

  25. Neeraj Dhar

    Very good Open comb razor. It is for those who have intrinsic fear for open comb design for it being aggressive. This is balanced razor. Provides advantage of Open comb and it not really aggressive. It can very well be used with milder blades like Derby.

  26. Manish Kumar

    You’ll know the build quality is top notch the moment you hold the razor. It’s beautiful and heavier than other razors out there and that’s a good thing, since you don’t have to press it harder. Pre shave oil is highly recommended for a much better smooth shave. Highly satisfied with the order and packaging was nice too. Opening the box/packaging felt like I am unboxing a smartphone. Go for it, you’ll never regret it.

  27. Anurag Arya

    OC70 + Gillete wilkinson(Indian)=Perfection.
    The above mentioned combo gives efficient shave minus the aggression.I Couldn’t even feel the blade to be honest.As far as the build quality of this razor is concerned, its 10/10.No issues with chrome plating(on the threads specially) and blade alignment.
    Excellent Customer service.Good job Pinkwoolf.

    • PinkWoolf

      Many thanks, MR Arya, and great to hear from you. Glad that the combo worked out. Have a super Sunday and see you again very soon.

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