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Double Edge Safety Razor – Omega CC87 with Free Blades

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A closed comb razor that makes an excellent choice for men whether beginners or veteran shavers and who are looking for the next great option for their wet shaving razor. It works as a great transition razor if you have recently crossed over to the world of wet shaving.

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All Hair Types

Irritation free smooth shaving with a closed comb design that is less aggressive on the skin allowing for better control during a shave.

Double Edged Blade

The Double edged blade allows usage of both sides, extending blade life.

Pink Woolf CC87 Safety Razor Close Comb Black

Premium Handle

High quality chrome plated handle help resist rust and are meant to sustain wet environment.


Comfortable weight and balance for accurate, close shaving. This is an all-rounder razor.

Designed & Crafted in India

We bring to you Pink Woolf – the wisdom of a time tested wet shaving regimen.


The Very Best

You get our premium Safety Razor with Complimentary Blades. Shaving with safety razors is unlike anything you have experienced and most certainly different than cartridge razors. It may take you a few shaves to get used to it, but once you do I’m sure you’ll not want to go back.



1. Use as little pressure as possible. Let the superior weight of the razor do the work for you.

2. Hold the razor by the middle or tip of the handle.

3. Angle the blade at a ~30-40 degrees angle. It might take a few shaves to find the best angle for you.

4. Shave with the grain of your beard in the first pass and then sideways or against depending on your face shave map.

19 reviews for Double Edge Safety Razor – Omega CC87 with Free Blades

  1. stevepaul1996

    Using the Razor since the last 2 weeks.. My Experience after switching from cartridge razor to safety razor has been worth the switch. Things i like about the DE Safety Razor
    – Very smooth and effortless shave. (You will need at least 2 shaves to master the art of using the razor)
    – Very well built and sturdy Razor.
    – The razor is a one time investment as the blades are very cheap compared to the cartridge prices.

    Also Subodh Sharma, your sweet gesture of the handwritten letter is very much appreciated (True Gentlemen gesture). Thank you for sending the free samples of pre shaving oil and shaving lotion. They all work very well together..

    Very Satisfied

  2. vinth96

    Well well. What may I add that’s not been said before, why use seven blades five blades or 3 blade cartridges when you have a single blade double edged safety razor. My skin loves the razor, and that’s all I need to say about it. Thank you pink Woolf for bringing back these razors.

  3. Swastik Das

    Worth every penny
    This razor is very good. It has changed my shaving experience. It glides very easily

  4. JPQ

    Classy product
    Very good Razor, performs as how a well designed closed comb razor performs, effortless and smooth

  5. SCS

    Worth every penny!
    My keenness to try an indigenous razor made me happy and fully satisfied. It has a perfect angle and is in no way less than Edwin Jagger I have been using earlier. It is specially good for the newcomers to wet shaving. An added attraction is its beautiful leather cover and the blades that come with it. A possession worth admiring.

  6. Shambhu

    It is like a foreign product it is very good

    Very Beautiful and well constructed razor.
    Comes with good quality leather pouch and free blades. At first look, I feel It is aggressive. So, using mild blades like Derby (comes with razor), Laser Blade (commonly available in India) best solution.
    But I don’t feel any aggressiveness. Good and amazing performance.

  7. Jyotidirmay

    There is no doubt about this razor…. Because it is PINK WOOLF razor.
    Quality maintaining and serving best products is common nature of PINK WOOLF
    If anyone feels it is aggressive, please try with different blades.
    Pros :
    * Best quality razor
    * Not heavy weight or light weight. In middle.
    * Amazing chrome finish and better textures on handle for best grip
    * Comfortable Shave
    Negative point – Nothing.

    Last and important thing is
    This is PINK WOOLF product and 100% Indian product

  8. Manas Shankar

    pretty solid feel in the hand and stable shave experience. will take a couple of shaves to settle down, especially if you used a Gillette razor previously. closer and smoother shave in my experience with no shaving burns

  9. Vishal

    The razor is amazing and the grip makes you feel in control. the weight is just right so that you don’t have to apply any force while shaving. takes 4-5 shaves getting used to if you are switching from the cartridge types. Highly recommended.

  10. Aparna

    Awesome, husband loves it.

  11. Ashish

    New to wet shaving. But extremely happy with the product. Am glad I tried it and simply love it.

  12. Kundan

    Good quality product. I haven’t seen this type of quality product in India.

  13. Sonawale

    Ultimate product.

    1 – premium quality razor.
    2- razor is heavyweight.
    3- long textured handle for better grip & control
    even with wet hands.
    4- this razor is a smooth shaver

    corns- I did not find any corns .

    I would like to say this is perfect razor .

  14. Sandstorm

    premium quality razor for a good shave.Liked the product.

    Received the razor with a leather pouch and a pack of blades as seen. Built quality and looks are good, please note that this razor require precision and steady hands.. only for people who have been using single blade razors for a long time and not for those who want to finish shaving in a hurry.

  15. Neeraj Dhar

    Overall good, but blades provided along with are Durby. To have great shave you should use sharper blades with this razor like Feather. All n all simple, sturdy and effective razor.

  16. Ankit

    Good, well presented with instructions, packaging and quality is simply outstanding

  17. Rabin Choudhuri Dhar

    I have gifted it to some one who uses DE safety razor all his life. He just had 1 shave with it and happy, probably the blades supplied with it is not as great as derby.
    It is not as heavy as parker but weight is well balanced it seems. looks premium too

    • PinkWoolf

      Great to hear your friend liked the razor and we look forward to welcome you and your friend for many years to come.

  18. GOKUL R

    I am using the black CC razor for couple of months. The color started fading off after couple of uses. The print of the ‘Pink Woolf’ on the head is also not in center, it is towards one side. Otherwise the razor is good.
    I have another steel OC razor from you which doesnt have any issues.

    • PinkWoolf

      Thanks for your feedback. We will make the changes to ensure the color stays for a very long time. Have a great weekend and continue being safe.

  19. Virendra Patil

    Hats off to Mr & Mrs Sharma for creating this brand & wonderful products ! I am amazed by how gentle the shaving experience is ! The razor is very safe, comfortable & gives a smooth shave ! They were kind enough to send complimentary goodies like pre-shave oil & after shave ! Also was touched by their thank you note ! Mr. Sharma is a true gentleman, provides prompt responses & is open to suggestions ! All in all a very good experience & would continue to support Mr & Mrs Sharma in their brilliant endeavor ! Best wishes & stay safe !

    • PinkWoolf

      Hi Mr. Patil, many thanks for your compliment, wishes, and so good to read your feedback. We are truly humbled by your review and look forward to many more! Take care and stay safe.

      We look forward to your review of the new products and experience.

      Yours truly,

      Stuti & Subodh

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