Smooth Shave Kit – Includes Safety Razor, Shaving Brush, Shaving Soap, and Box of Blades


The Smooth Shave Kit contains :
1. Closed Comb Safety Razor
2. Boar Shaving Brush
3. Luxury Shaving Soap – Seabuckthorn & Aloe Vera
4. Glatz Super Platinum Blades (Box of 50)

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What’s Inside?

Closed Comb Safety Razor

A Closed Comb Safety Razor that makes an excellent choice for men whether beginners or veteran shavers and who are looking for the next great option for their wet shaving razor. It works as a great transition razor if you have recently crossed over to the world of wet shaving.  Enjoy the diamond knurled handle for a comfortable grip while shaving in a Wet Shaving environment.

Luxury Shaving Soap - Seabuckthorn & Aloe Vera

With an earthy and fresh fragrance, the shave soap is formulated to generate thick, luxurious lather and provide superior moisturization. It helps prepare facial hair for shaving and leaves your skin feeling smooth & moisturized.  Energize your day ahead with an indulgent shave.

Boar Shaving Brush

Made from high quality & soft boar natural bristles, Gets you a thicker lather while subtly exfoliating your face. Featuring a gloss black finish, classic handle that blends wet shaving tradition and form of our modern lives.  Watch the brush bloom after a few indulgent shaves.

Glatz Super Platinum Blades Box

Glatz Super Platinum Double Edge Safety Blades Box of 50 are meant for beginners and experienced shavers alike. These are as traditional as they get. Stainless steel with Premium Platinum coating. Perfect to get rid of your shaving irritation. Compatible with every Double Edge Safety Razor in the world.

The Smooth Shave Kit is everything you need for a perfect, smooth & enjoyable shave.

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Designed & Crafted In India

Start your wet shaving journey with PinkWoolf’s Smooth Shave Kit.

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