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Ceramic Shaving Soap Mug


Classic Shaving Mug with straightforward design that helps create the perfect lather every time you shave.

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Thick Lather

The bowl is wide enough to create a large amount of foamy lather.

Easy To Use

The convenient & designer handle allows you to conveniently hold & create lather at any angle with its light weight of just 305 gms.

Shaving Mug

Use Hot Water

The thick ceramic walls retain temperature longer. Feel the warm lather caress your face & provide a sublime shave.

Excellent Shave

Use it to make lather with a dollop of shaving cream or simply place a shaving soap at the bottom and lather away.

Designed & Crafted In India

We bring to you Pink Woolf – the wisdom of a time tested wet shaving regimen.

7 reviews for Ceramic Shaving Soap Mug

  1. Suresh Chandra

    The design is unique and superb, great addition to my shaving kit!

  2. Sidhartha Sen

    I loved this mug/bowl for the following reasons:
    1. The handle is just perfect to hold. It holds the mug/bowl at a good distance while still allowing for control when rotating the mug/bowl in the hand.
    2. The mug/bowl lathers really well.
    3. The height and weight of the mug/bowl is just perfect for holding comfortably while lathering.

    My only gripe – and this may be a personal choice, but I prefer mugs/bowls that are a little wider.
    Something that is more of a bowl than a mug. This one comes across as a hybrid.
    This is not an issue, just a preference.
    This may not even be an issue for others.

  3. Nausheer

    Very gud shaving bowl, gud for jlkeeping the brush in warm water and also for lathering from shaving soap.
    Much needed accessorie

  4. Harsh Nayar

    Good product, comfortable to hold for creating lather , smooth surfaces and the product overall is of good quality.
    The only negative I could find is that it’s a little small in size for me and the brushes I use.

  5. Suresh Sharma

    The packaging could have been better. The product is good and it retains the temperature. Wish it was wider, had grooves and was lesser in height than it is now. But it still solves the purpose. I am happy with the product.

  6. Brij Kishore

    It’s a great product for use as well as presentation. The design is unique and superb.

  7. Manish Kumar

    Very unique design and comfortable to hold. Loved the idea behind it, just put the shaving soap refill in the mug and it’s good to go, use it any time when you need to shave. Has much better space and lather generating capacity than the original box or container in which the soap comes. Will be a great add on to your bathroom space right next to the shaving mirror.

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