The first step in your path to achieve a smooth, comfortable shave.
The oil prepares & conditions your skin for a smooth and razor-burn free shave.


The fun part where you use a shaving brush to generate lather from a shaving cream or soap. The brush helps exfoliate your skin as well and lift the hair for a smooth, close shave.


Enjoy a pleasant, smooth, and refreshing shaving experience with a double edge safety razor that is designed to provide a close shave. Use it at an approximate angle of 30 degrees to get the best results.


Replenish the moisture content in your skin with your skin type after shave product – Balm, Gel, or Lotion. Make your skin ‘makhan’ smooth with a mild fragrance.


Protect your skin from the elements and especially after shaving but before stepping out in the sun.  Apply atleast 30 minutes before stepping out.

Shaving Kit & Others