Natural Bristle Shaving Brush & Shaving Soap (Combo)

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Our Natural Bristle Shaving Shaving Brush & Shaving Soap with a complimentary sample of Pre Shave Oil and After Shave Gel.

Delivered within 3-8 days.

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Natural Bristle Shaving Shaving Brush

Turns your normal shaving routine into an amazingly superlative shaving experience.

Luxury Shave Soap

Large 100gm shaving bowl contains 80 gm of Soap.

Brush & Soap Combo

Thick Lather

Create dense & rich lather with our long lasting shaving soap & brush.

Complimentary Sample

Get our Pre Shave Oil & After Shave Gel as a complimentary sample.

Designed & Crafted in India


Natural Bristle Shaving Brush

The Pink Woolf Natural Bristle Shaving brush combines distinctive aesthetics with traditional brush making to create a timeless shaving tool that your Grandfather would be proud of. It features a gloss black finish, classic handle that blends wet shaving tradition and form of our modern lives.

Luxury Shave Soap

Large 100gm shaving bowl contains 80 gm of Soap to allow for proper loading of your Shaving Brush. This is a super luxury, long lasting shaving soap, creates dense & rich lather that does not dry out. It works perfectly with your favorite shaving brush and safety razor, multi-blade, or straight razor for the adventurous type.


That’s not it! You will also receive a complimentary sample of our Pre Shave Oil and After Shave Gel.


The Pre-Shave Oil helps condition your skin and prepares it for a smooth and razor-burn free shave & our after shave products make skin ‘makhan’ smooth, reduce redness and leave you with a mild fragrance.

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