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Pre-Shave Oil


The Pink Woolf Pre-Shave Oil prepares the skin for a razor glide, smoothens it for an easy shave and minimizes razor burns. It makes the skin supple and pliable, reducing rough patches. In short, it is a Skin Softener, Moisturizer and Preserver.

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Pamper Your Skin

Prepares your skin for the long run, reducing inner dryness. Made in small batches to ensure use of fresh ingredients every time.

Skin Protection

Protects skin irritation caused by shaving.

Pre Shave Oil

Long Lasting

Using Pre-Shave Oil doesn’t just help with the shaving experience, but keeps skin moisturized for the rest of the day.

Natural & Fresh

Contains oils like hemp seed, olive and tea tree that helps the skin look better, feel fresh and healthy.

Designed & Crafted in India

We bring to you Pink Woolf – the wisdom of a time tested wet shaving regimen.


We are all born with beautiful skin, but over time we subject it to wear and tear, often unintentionally. It is however, our duty to respect, preserve, protect, and pamper our skin. Whenever we shave, we inevitably take away the top layer of our skin. So in order to prevent hurting it, we introduce the first step in our shaving regimen – the Pink Woolf Pre-Shave Oil.
The oil prepares the skin by increasing it’s water retention. This in turn keeps the skin moisturized and supple. The skin gives in to the blade and bends conforming to its stride thus making the shave comfortable and reducing cuts/ nicks. Hence, It is the perfect way to start your day.


Wet face and beard with warm water. This helps saturate the skin and opens pores allowing the Pre-Shave Oil to seep into the skin. Apply a small amount of pre-shave oil ~30 seconds before applying the shaving cream/soap.

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  1. tajung (verified owner)

    I was given a sample bottle of the pre shave oil, i did not know what to do with it. Do I add water and make it into coffee? the coffee scent was so good that I almost added hot water and spot of milk to it. having used it for few weeks and loving the scent of it . The sandlewood oil also adds a certain zing to it, oh how well it lifts up the beard, making easy to work with the razor. Before I run out of the sample given, I ordered some more of it as I believe it is good to use pre shave oil of such a good quality. I recommend PinkWoolfe pre shave oil. I will be stocking up on this to last a year.

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