The 7 Step MANCare Solution for a Great Skin

Prepare Your Skin

with a pre shave oil

Wash your face with warm water and apply the pre-shave oil to the beard area before a shave. The oil prepares your skin for a smooth and razor-burn free shave.


Create Sumptuous Lather

with shaving brushes & soaps/cream

Wet your shaving brush in warm water, squeeze out the excess and load the shaving cream directly from the jar on to the face in repeated circular motions to generate lather. You will generate lavish lather that is gentle and easy to spread.


A Smooth Shave

with a safety razor.

Shaving routine is not a battle call. For a smooth and refreshing shaving experience, hold the shaver at ~30 to 35˚ for the perfect shaving angle. Rinse the blade with warm water once every two strokes of the razor.

Post Shave Moisturization

with skin specific after shave products

After the shave, your skin needs to replenish its moisture, get disinfected, and softened. Our after shave products make your skin smooth, reduce irritation, and calms your skin with a mild fragrance.


Skin Protection Is Prevention

with the sunscreen SPF30

Walking out with a freshly shaven skin calls for a sun-protection cream. Even if you don’t shave every day, moisturize and sun-protect your skin atleast 30 minutes before stepping out.

Cleanse Your Glowing Skin

with face washes

Cleanse your skin with a natural ingredient, non-alcoholic, non-soapy cleanser that cleans the dirt & grime of the entire day from pollution, air and heat and maintains your skin’s moisture.

Cleanse PW

Recovery Is A Must

with the recovery night cream

Allow your skin to recover overnight with the night cream. This cream works hard through the night so your skin is supple & radiant the next day.


Which Pink Woolf formula is best for me? What’s the trick to make the best lather? Post your question in the Customer Questions section below (or send an email to and Professor Woolf shall oblige us with an answer!