How to get the smoothest wet shave of your life?

I still get a cut here and there and my father would amusingly ask me, “Are you still learning how to shave?” And this is after 10 years of shaving. All the cuts, nicks, razor bumps, ingrown hair, irritated and dry skin disappeared once I started following the 5 step process to get the smoothest wet shave of your life:

Prepare your skin

Use a face wash or cleanser to clean the skin with warm water. USE A SCRUB WEEKLY, NOT DAILY. Using a scrub daily will reduce the oils in your skin and make it dry. Apply pre shave oil that achieves two objectives, (1) Protects your skin from the harshness of the razor blade, and (2) Lubricates the skin by holding the moisture that allows the razor to move uninterrupted. Get your hands on the best pre shave oil!

Tools of the trade

Shaving Brush, Shaving Cream, or Shaving Soap – a good quality shaving brush made with Synthetic Bristles or Hog Hair holds water and thus allows a smooth shave. A nylon bristle shaving brush repels water hence it doesn’t lather well. Shaving Cream or Soap is a personal preference and I know of several customers who will have tubs, tubes, jars, loose soaps, and what not. Wet shaving is an art and is best enjoyed with variety of shaving tools like multiple brushes, creams, soaps, and even razors. Get your hands on the best wet shaving tools!

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Razor blade

Whatever razor you use, make sure the blade is sharp and not dull. There is no fun in competing with your office colleague that my ‘blade lasts for 2 or 4 or 6 weeks’. It’s not his skin that suffers but yours. A dull blade is also the reason for ingrown hair, irritated and inflamed skin. At the first sign of trouble, throw the blade and use a brand new blade. Your skin will thank you. Now that you know how important a sharp blade is, checkout the razor which gives you the smoothest shave everyday.

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Two Passes

In the first pass, go with the grain and bring the razor down. This will remove 90-95% of hair. In the second pass, go sideways and against the grain to achieve that super smooth shave. With experience, you will learn how to navigate the problem areas like chin, neck, lips and so on. For these problem areas, pull the skin a little bit and use the lightest of pressure on the razor. This allows the razor head to do the work efficiently & safely, with no cuts.


Once you have shaved, clean your face with cold water to close the pores. Do not vigorously dry your face but just merely tap it with a towel. Use a non alcoholic balm or gel or lotion to moisturize your face. Always make sure the after shave contains Aloe Vera that will help moisturize your skin for a long time after shaving. Check out the balm we rave about below!

It’s always the process that gets you where you want to reach. Happy shaving.

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