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We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express Cards. All online payments are processes using the secure PayuMoney payment portal. We are unable to accept international credit cards for online purchases. You can also pay using the “Cash on Delivery” option.

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This information is used to respond to your requests and/or contact you, if necessary, about your order.

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If your order was damaged in-transit, please contact us at +91 89205 68359 to report a damaged shipment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Delivery is provided via dotzot.in (a DTDC service) and in some cases by Speed Post of India Post. Delivery can be expected within 3-8 business days based on the distance of the destination. Delivery to some remote addresses may require up to 2 additional days.

What should I do if I am having trouble placing an order?

For any technical difficulties you are experiencing with our website, please send an email at hello@pinkwoolf.com or WhatsApp us at +91 89205 68359.

Why are prices different now than when I made my purchase?

All prices and availability of products are subject to change without notice. We make every effort to provide you the most accurate, up-to-the-minute information on pricing and availability. However, some of the items on our website may be mis-priced or no longer available at the time you place your order.

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I've heard pros and cons about whether to use products containing alcohol. What's your opinion? And what does it mean to be alcohol free?

Not all alcohol is bad, well mostly. In fact, most skin care products especially After Shave Products do contain some type of alcohol even if they claim to be “alcohol-free”.

Alcohol in skin care products can be either moisturizing or drying alcohol. An “alcohol-free” label means it is free of the stronger, harsher types of alcohol e.g. ethyl alcohol, SD Alcohol, or Alcohol Denaturant. These alcohols are harsh because they can dry and irritate skin.

However, “alcohols” in general are a huge, diverse family of ingredients (with different names and varying effects on the skin), and there are many types of very beneficial, moisturizing, non-irritating alcohols used in skin care, hair care and shaving products.

What’s the difference between my current multi-cartridge razor and your Double Edge Safety Razor?

Your current multi-cartridge system uses 3 to 7 blades to remove more hair with every stroke. Higher the number of blades equals more friction, irritation, and an increased possibility of ingrown hairs plus the incessant clogging of the blades and the HIGH COST.

The Pink Woolf Double Edge Safety Razor uses a single blade and focuses on reducing whiskers rather than removing them. This skin-friendly approach to shaving helps reduce unnecessary friction, which leads to less irritation and a smooth shave.

Is the Double Edge Safety Razor okay to use on sensitive skin?

Yes. Sensitivity from shaving is mostly the result of your razor and the amount of blades coming into contact with your skin. The less a blade touches your skin, the less likely you are to have irritation from shaving. Most dermatologists actually recommend using a double edge razor that helps avoid razor burn, bumps, or ingrown hairs.
For detailed explanations, please visit our blog section!

Are there different types of double edge blades?

Yes, double edge blades come in different gauges. The thicker the blade, the stiffer the blade becomes and vice versa. By default, the thicker blades are better for coarse, thick beards. The blade included with our Double Edge Safety Razor is a medium gauge and we suggest you start with these and then experiment with other blades.

Is it true that a natural bristle shaving brush out performs a synthetic brush?

Yes and No. The charm of a Natural Bristle Shaving Brush will always remain for the right reasons, it just keeps getting better & softer with age. However, modern technology has allowed us to manufacture bristles that function almost as good as natural bristles.

The Pink Woolf Synthetic Shaving Brush feels great against the skin from day one and is good to go the moment you take it out from the package.

The Pink Woolf Natural Bristle Shaving Brush is like a bottle of wine, it keeps getting better with age. For your initial few shaves, a few bristles may drop out and you may feel them to be hard however as you keep using it, the bristles become soft and bloom into a flower shape thus optimizing your application of the shaving cream or soap that helps produce rich, creamy lather.

How long will your brushes last?

With proper care, the brush should last many years. Make sure you use warm water, not hot water and clean the brush every month. For detailed instructions on taking care of the brush, please see our brush care section.

Is it ok to use the Razor with salty or hard water?

Yes, the razor works perfectly fine with salty or hard water. Our suggestion would be to use warm water while shaving and atleast once a month desalinate the razor with an alcohol based cleaner. This will help keep your razor in pristine condition and remove unnecessary buildup around the shaving head. For detailed instructions on taking care of the razor, please see our razor care section.

I have extremely oily skin and even after I wash my face in the morning, my skin is very shiny and oily-looking in a few hours. How do I stop this?

The simple answer is Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse, and drink lots of water.

Cleansing will help prevent pores from becoming clogged and avoid harsh face wash products that strip away your oil as this will lead to more oil being produced. To maintain a good balance, drink water which will help normalize the oil/water balance in your body.

If you shave, use the pre shave oil and then apply the After Shave Lotion. At night after cleansing, apply a dab of our Night Cream. The alcohol-free, balancing & rejuvenating Night Cream controls excess oil and helps your skin regain its lost luster.

Why does the Pink Woolf Double Edge Safety Razor cost so much?

At Pink Woolf, we make only the finest quality products. Our razors are handcrafted exclusively for Pink Woolf in Jamnagar, Gujarat. The Double Edge Safety Razor features custom crafted handles for a superior grip and a durable chrome plated head that will give you several years of service with proper care. For detailed instructions on taking care of the razor, please see our Razor Care section.

Your one time investment coupled with the double edge blades (that cost 10-12X less than traditional cartridge refills) means you have a serious long term winner on your hand. On average, you will save thousands per year in blade replenishment costs and get a super, smooth shave in the process.

I have a very thick coarse beard. Is a safety razor right for me?

Yes, double edge safety razors are the perfect solution for thicker, longer, and coarser beards. The single-blade design does not clog, resulting in a smooth shave with zero pulls or drags that you experience with other multi-cartridge razors.

How should I store my double edge blades between shaves?

Always dry the razor to prevent rust from compromising the blade. For the elegant Gentleman, Pink Woolf proudly sells classy razor and brush stands for purchase on our website. For detailed instructions on taking care of the razor & blades, please see the razor care section.

What’s the difference between the Pink Woolf Synthetic Bristle Shaving Brush and other synthetic brushes?

The Pink Woolf Synthetic Bristle Shaving Brush is made from technologically advanced fibers that exhibit natural hair behavior thus being high in water absorption. Other non-natural hair brushes use stiff, cheap nylon hair that repels water, is rough, and inflexible. These brushes usually look and are inexpensive and last for a short time.

Each of our Synthetic is handcrafted to create a perfect fan shape for optimal control and application of the shave cream or soap. With the optimum 22mm knot, they are designed to be tangibly soft and flexible but rigid enough to lift hair from the skin. In addition, the state-of-the-art fibers in partnership with the acrylic handle ensures an exceptionally long brush life. It’s the perfect gift you can give to yourself, Invest in Yourself.

Can the Pink Woolf razors be used for a daily shave?

Our razors are medium to aggressive razors. Any new person will take a few shaves to get used to them just to get the alignment and setting right. Once you get used to it, its like a walk in the park for a daily smooth shave.

Can the Pink Woolf Double Edge Safety Razor be used with all kinds of double edge blades?

Our safety razor can use any brand’s double edge razor blade. We send 5 complimentary Derby Premium razor blades with our razor and you are welcome to use any blade as well.

Take our advice. We know what we are talking about!

Who's a Pink Woolf?

A Pink Woolf is serious about his shaving routine.
A Pink Woolf is a believer in one’s own convictions rather than popular belief.
A Pink Woolf takes good care of his skin.
Knows what he puts on his face and what makes him look good.
A Pink Woolf has his act and skin together.
We bring to you the Pink Woolf wisdom of a time tested wet shaving regimen. Which will remind you what a naturally smooth shave feels like.
Come with us on this exciting new journey and find out everything you always wanted to know about skincare, style and popular myths.
Be a Pink Woolf. Invest in Yourself.

Why do we exist?

Pink Woolf started as a self-exploratory journey into finding the right shaving regimen for various skin types. Shaving is an essential part of a man’s daily life and more often than not, it is taken for granted.

Much like other lifestyle and skin care choices taken by men on a daily basis.

But that comes to an end now. We at Pink Woolf exist to help you make informed choices from skin care to shaving regimes to what socks you decide to wear today.

Find all this and more in our blogs section.