Cleaning The Brush

Fiber soften over time. It’s a Fact.
They do it on their own. Fiction.

How to clean your shaving brush and fall in love with it in the process.

Just like old wine, the older brushes always become your favorite as the bristles grow softer with every use.  They lose bristles but gain your skin’s trust.
All you need to do is take care of the brush and the brush will keep generating a luxurious lather for you, all the time.

A shaving brush is a pretty clean tool, but dirt finds a way to get in and stay. Hence it’s a good idea to occasionally give your brush a deeper cleaning to protect your investment.

Cleaning Care

Step 1

Rinse To Cleanse

To regularly maintain the quality of your shaving brush, after each use make sure to thoroughly rinse with lots of warm water (don’t use hot water as that will loosen the bristles), removing any remaining soap or cream from deep within the knot of the brush, gently “pumping” the brush hair with your hand or in a bowl until the water runs clear.

** Alternatively, you can add vinegar or shampoo to the warm water to clean the shaving brush.

Step 2

Squeeze To Release

Give the brush hair a gentle squeeze to remove most of the water (don’t “flick” it with your wrist, it may loosen the hair knot’s glue plug over time)

Step 3

Try Out A Dry Out

Wipe the handle and hair dry with a clean (and dry) towel, “fluffing” the hair outward–use a small-tooth comb if necessary.

Step 4

Give The Hair Some Air

After your shave, keep the brush in an open area, not a closed cabinet. The brush needs air circulation to allow it to dry and be ready for your shave the next day.

When To “Deep Clean” A Shaving Brush

1. When the residue built up around the base of the bristles and at the top of the handle is a sure sign that a brush needs to be cleaned.

2. Another is when the bristles start to lose their resiliency and suppleness.

Clean Razor


It’s also a good idea to thoroughly clean a brush before its first use, too.

New natural bristle shaving brushes can have an unpleasant smell for the first couple weeks of use, depending on how the brush was manufactured.

A good cleaning before your first shave will reduce any
unpleasant smell, if at all present.

Summing Up

All your shaving brush needs is love and regular 4 step cleanups.